How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on Your iPhone

Are you interested in How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on Your iPhone? Making use of an iPhone for quite a long time, especially with a bright screen, can lead to a lot of strain on the eyes.

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on Your iPhone

The longer you choose to make use of your phone, the more important it is for you to ensure that you are maintaining your vision. One other option that iPhone users now have is to set their phone straight to dark mode.

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Dark Mode on iPhone

This happens to be a mode that changes all of the bright, White backgrounds to darker ones which are a lot easier on the eyes. You can look at it for a long period of time while avoiding the side effects of your eye strain, also it can slowly drain your battery, a little bit.

Dark mode on your iPhone is quite a useful feature, and it would even be set to automatic so that your iPhone can switch from light to dark or even Vice versa depending on the time of that day.

You can choose to set your very own custom schedule for when you would like your iPhone to be in light or dark mode. We would be walking you right through how to enable or disable dark mode and how you can choose to toggle or even set the various other options that you have available to you on your mobile device today.

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How to Enable or Disable Dark mode

Switching right from the dark to light is quite easy to do, and you can do this in your iPhone settings.

  • Head to the settings app
  • Then scroll down and tap on display and brightness
  • Tap on either the light or dark to make the switch between modes

Underneath the light and dark modes, you can also choose to turn on automatic which would have your iPhone switch right from light or dark depending on whether it is daytime or nighttime.

The features set it to “Light until sunset” or “Dark Until Sunrise” depending on the time. If you tap on options that would appear beneath automatic when you enable it, you would be sent right into an appearance schedule screen which would allow you to set custom times for the dark and light mode. This would enable you to have the dark or light mode on when you want it to.

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How to set a custom Light/Dark mode Schedule

If you are interested in how a custom schedule, this is not an issue as you can do that right in the options section under automatic. Below is the steps to follow in other to schedule for light and dark modes:

  • Head to the settings app
  • Then tap on Display and preferences
  • Tap options
  • The custom schedule

First, you are required to set when you would like the light mode to be turned on. Then tap on the time to light and select the time you would want it to be on. Next, you see the time for the dark mode to switch on. Tap on the time right next to dark and set when you want your iPhone to switch to dark mode.

Once you are done, you can head back to your home screen. Your iPhone would now automatically switch between light and dark modes depending on the times you set. If you are making use of an iPhone during the time that you decided to set the modes to switch, your iPhone might wait until you ate not using it to change between light and dark.

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