Netflix Adds a Bonus Sandman Episode

Netflix adds a bonus Sandman episode. The unexpected episode that has been dropped by the streaming giants adapts two stories from the Neil Gaiman comics that is inclusive of animated cats and a sinister author.

Netflix Adds a Bonus Sandman Episode

Netflix Adds a Bonus Sandman Episode

If you are one of the many persons that couldn’t just get enough of the Sandman, Netflix’s mesmeric fantasy series, then there is some good news for you as the streaming platform just added yet another star-studded bonus episode with two very new standalone stories.

On August 3, the 10-episode started streaming. That being said, you can now find another episode making it the eleventh one following the finale of season 1 that adapts a pair of stories from the main original comics. The first half of the episode is titled A Dream Of A Thousand Cats and it is very short. The second part of the episode however is a full-length live-action story entitled Calliope.

Stars and Cast of the New Additional Episode

The cartoon cat caper is voiced by actors such as Sanda Oh, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Georgia Tennant, Michael Sheen, Nonso Anozie, Joe Lycett, Diane Morgan, and even comics writer Neil Gaiman himself. The second story on the other hand stars Melissanthi Mahut as ancient Muse Calliope alongside Doctor Who stars Arthur Darvill, Nina Wadia, and lastly, Derek Jacobi. Tom Sturridge in both of the stories plays Morpheus, Dream which is the Sandman himself.

The New Episode Is Tacked On the End of the Series

The new episode is tacked on at the end of the series. And with that being said, you should know that the Calliope episode starts in 2018 and then continues to 2022. And it contains events that took place between the escape of Dream from captivity and his withdrawal into the dreaming at the end of season 1.


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