How to Determine Father’s Day – Origin of Father’s Day

If you are looking for how to determine the date for Father’s Day, you are reading the right article. This holiday is similar to the Mother’s Day celebration. But unlike Mother’s Day, it is celebrated only once a year around the globe. In this article, you would learn more about this special day set aside to celebrate dads and how to make it special. So, you should kindly read to the end.

How to Determine Father’s Day

How to Determine Father’s Day

Though the date changes on a yearly basis, you can easily determine the next Father’s Day. To do this, you need to know the pattern used to calculate this holiday.

This global celebration takes place every third Sunday in the month of June. In case you have difficulties remembering this holiday, you can simply mark out this special Sunday on your calendar. With this, you would not miss out on honoring your dad on that day

You may be wondering if there are other dates to celebrate this holiday in some countries. The answer is No. The date for Father’s Day is universal.

This means that it does not change no matter the location. This would make it even easier for you to accurately determine the date irrespective of where you reside. Having known much about this celebration, you should keep on reading to learn more.

Origin of Father’s Day

What is the origin of this celebration? Who invented this holiday? What prompted the need to celebrate dads? These questions may be running through your mind. You would be surprised to find out that a lady invented this holiday.

The origin of this international celebration can be traced to the United States of America. This holiday was founded by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington in 1909.  The need to appreciate Father just as mothers were honored and appreciated prompted her to propose this holiday.

The lady who invented this holiday was raised by her dad who was a single parent of six children. At first, this holiday faced much opposition. This was because Americans thought it was a plan by traders to earn more money.

Due to the gifts given during this holiday, Americans thought it was another plan to increase sales as with the Mother’s Day celebration. Despite the earlier opposition faced, this holiday was later established as an international one. This holiday is now anticipated by individuals around the globe.

When is Father’s Day in 2022?

To appreciate your dad and other Father figures, you should know the date of this international holiday. In 2022, this holiday would take place on Sunday, the 19th of June 2022. Having known this, you should get your gifts and appreciation quotes ready.

You should stick to the end because you would be given ideas for gifts and also quotes in this article.

Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

One way to appreciate your dad during this national holiday is to get him a gift from your heart. Have you run out of ideas for Father’s Day gifts? If yes, this article has got you covered.

Amazon is one of the best electronic markets where you can purchase the best gift for your dad. The list below contains the best gift ideas:

With this list, you can get a unique gift for your dad. There are other ways you can make this day special for your dad. To learn more about this, keep on reading.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

If you are looking for how to make Father’s Day special for your loved one, you should read this. There are so many activities you can carry out at home to enjoy this holiday. They include:

  • Spoil him with breakfast in bed.
  • See a movie with him.
  • Go on a bike ride.
  • Cook a special meal.
  • Organize an indoor spa for him.
  • Set up a surprise indoor party.
  • Plant a family garden.
  • Take him for online shopping.
  • Play old video games together.
  • Have a pizza party and make ice cream together.

With the ideas above, you can make the holiday a special one for your dad or male guardian.

Best Father’s Day Movies

If you are thinking of taking your dad out to see a movie, you are in the right place. These movies would not only refresh the memories of fatherhood, it will also strengthen this parental bond.

Here is a list of good movies you can watch with your dad.

  • Onward.
  • Captain Fantastic.
  • Mr. Mom.
  • He Got a Game.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • The Game Plan.
  • Grown Ups.
  • Parenthood.
  • Like Father, Like Son.
  • Sleepless in Seattle.

These movies would keep you and your dad glued to the screen. Also, you can extend your appreciation to those who have played the father figures in your life. This may be your husband, uncle, In law, teacher, friend, or a family friend.

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