What is the Most Common Easter Date – How Easter Date is Determined?

Easter Sunday is close and everyone around the globe both non-Christians anticipates this festival. Having known that the date for the celebration of Easter is not fixed, you may be curious to know “What is the most common Easter date?” If so, you are in the right place.

What is the Most Common Easter Date

The date for the Easter celebration varies yearly, you must have been informed that the Easter 2022 date falls on the 17th of April (Although, the Eastern Orthodox Easter falls on Sunday, the 24th of April). In addition to you find out the most common Easter date, you would also get the awareness of how the Easter date is determined, so keep on reading.

What is the Most Common Easter Date?

The Easter date varying each year hinges on the fact that it is fixed on the Sunday after the Paschal full moon. However, the most common Easter date in History falls on March 31st and April 16th. This is a coincidence and occurs because the full moon takes place before, on, or around the 21st of March after which the next Sunday becomes the Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Lent, Easter egg hunts, giving of gifts and lots more are common terms that are associated with the season of Easter. Its quite impressive that this festival which has its origin in the Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is much anticipated by individuals all around the globe. The Period of Easter is a season of giving just as the reason why this season is celebrated (Jesus) gave.

How Easter Date is Determined

As it was said earlier, the date of Easter is determined according to the calendar of the moon. Amazing right? Easter is observed on the first Sunday after the full Moon which comes on or shortly after the spring equinox. For instance, in the year 2022, the spring equinox will occur on Sunday, March 20. On Saturday, April 16th, the first full Moon after that date rises. As a result, Easter will be celebrated on the following Sunday which is April 17th.

Having known this, you may be wondering now “What is the Spring equinox?”  The spring equinox is simply the exact time at which the Sun crosses the plane of the Earth’s equator towards the hemisphere making the day and night equal in length. The first full moon of spring is known as the “Paschal Full Moon” in Christian calendars. In simple words, Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon.

What is the History of Easter?

“What is the history of Easter?”,” Why do we celebrate Easter”?” these questions may be on your mind. Well, the celebration of Easter originates from the story that Jesus Christ was imprisoned by Roman officials for supposedly blaspheming and claiming to be the Son of God, He was eventually killed after being tortured.

This story is according to the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Three days after the resurrection of Jesus, Easter is observed. Easter Sunday is also known as Resurrection Sunday and is observed all around the world.

The week prior to Easter Sunday is known as Holy Week, and Good Friday commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion. The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is observed on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday. Now that you know this, continue reading to discover more about the Easter Holiday.

Best Gifts for Easter

Easter is surely a period of giving gifts to loved ones and also the less privileged. If you are thinking of the right gift to give a loved one this season, you are definitely in the right place. Since the Easter period is associated with Easter eggs, gifting eggs would not be a bad idea. Also, for painting Easter eggs you could gift your loved ones an egg decorating set. Bunny Ear headbands, stuffed bunnies, chocolates, and any other easter related gift would do also.



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