How to Cut the Pineapple

Do you need to learn how to cut the pineapple? Look. You are not alone, and we are here to assist you. Handling a pineapple can be difficult and stressful if you haven’t done it before. A pineapple’s prickly exterior or outer part can make it tricky to cut, but once you have mastered the proper cutting, you’ll be slicing as well as a pro.

How to Cut The Pineapple
How to Cut The Pineapple

Pineapples are intensely sweet and delicious, with a sharp citrusy taste and strong fruity scent. Pineapples are great in desserts or fruit salads and some savoury recipes.

In this guide, we will walk you through a quick and easy step-by-step process on How to cut the pineapple. We will help you learn the best way to transform a whole pineapple into cubes, rings, or even wedges to use in recipes any time you feel like it.

Let’s dive into the article and quickly learn the easiest way to cut the pineapple.

What is the easiest way to cut a pineapple?

To be sincerely honest, there are lots of existing tools that make cutting a pineapple very easy and stress-free. if you are a lover of fresh pineapples, then you should try using a pineapple corer. But if you don’t want to add these speciality tools to your kitchen utensils, then you can easily make do with a sharp knife and some elbow grease to cut your delicious pineapple quickly.

How to cut and cube a pineapple

Earlier in this guide, we said we would be teaching you how to cut the pineapples into cubes. Here is a step-by-step process of cutting the pineapple into cubes:

  • Make use of a sharp knife to cut off the crown and a small part of the bottom of the pineapple.
  • Place it upright, with the flat base you just cut on the cutting or chopping board. Slice down with your knife, following the natural curve of the fruit, to remove a strip of the rind. Work your way around the fruit removing the peel until there are no brown spots or spiky parts left.
  • Cut it into two (half), straight down through the middle. Do it again until you have made long quarters.
  • Place one of it quarter down on your cutting board and use your knife to cut out the centre.
  • Then cut it into bite-size pieces.
  • Keep in the fridge until use.

How to cut pineapple rings

Follow these easy steps to easily cut into rings:

  • Make use of a sharp knife to cut off the crown and a small part of the bottom of it.
  • Stand it up on a cutting or chopping board. Use the sharp knife to cut the spiky outer peel into strips.
  • Lay it down on its side, then slice it into discs.
  • Remove the centre of the pineapple using a round cookie cutter, cocktail jigger, or a small paring knife. Then store in the fridge after.

How do you store a cut pineapple?

It is important to know that a cut pineapple must be kept in an airtight container and then stored in the fridge. By doing this, the pineapple will still be fresh even for about 5-7 days. The riper the pineapple the less time you have to eat it. But note that the riper the pineapple, the sweeter it is and faster to get eaten.

How to tell when a pineapple is ripe

Ripe pineapples usually have s strong sweet scent and a golden colour. Stay clear of fruits that have an unpleasant smell or discoloured skin.



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