Netflix Buys Knives out Sequels for $450 Million

It is official now that Netflix Buys Knives out Sequels for $450 Million. In a massive $450 million deal, Netflix has purchased the rights to own Knives Out sequels from Media Rights Capital, per Variety.

Daniel Craig is reported to reprise his role as detective Benoit Blanc in both sequels. With writer-director, Rian Johnson also set to return.

Here is more information about the trending news as Netflix Buys Knives Out Sequels For $450 Million.

Netflix Buys Knives out Sequels for $450 Million

Netflix Buys Knives out Sequels for $450 Million

Johnson was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay. MRC had a single-picture deal to supply ‘Knives Out,’ negotiated by CAA on behalf of Johnson his producing partner Ram Bergman. And it’s unclear if they’re going to return for more.

The film gives Netflix a splashy new film series after it faces more competition within the streaming space, especially on the international front.

In recent months, new challengers just like HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus have emerged to challenge Netflix’s dominance. This is one of the most important deals ever made for the rights to a movie series.

Knives Out Series

The first Knives Out was produced by Media Rights Capital and distributed by Lionsgate. The whodunnit went on to become a large box office success. Especially for an explicit property, grossing $311.4 million worldwide against a $40 million budget.

The film earned Johnson an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay and chatter a few potential sequels quickly took hold.

The purchase represents the most recent continuation of Netflix maintaining a competitive line-up, giving the company a brand-new flagship property.

Netflix Landscape

The streaming landscape has grown increasingly crowded within the past eighteen months. Seeing the launch of services just like Disney Plus, HBO Max, and, more recently, Paramount Plus.

As more companies remove their titles from Netflix in their own efforts to compete against the streaming giant. Netflix will have to take bigger swings when pursuing and developing its own franchises.

Although details are still sparse about Knives Out 2. Johnson has teased that the sequel will feature a completely different cast and location from the first released film. With Benoit Blanc taking over another case elsewhere within the world.


Rian Johnson has already dipped his toes into the streaming landscape. Last month, NBCUniversal announced the filmmaker would be writing and directing a brand-new mystery series titled poker face for Peacock.

The 10-episode serial will star Natasha Lyonne. Additionally, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi director remains engaged on the original Star Wars trilogy for Disney. So, if you haven’t heard before. It has been confirmed that Netflix Buys Knives Out Sequels For $450 Million.

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