How to Clear Cookies on Firefox – On a Computer and Mobile Device

Are you interested in How to Clear Cookies on Firefox? There are tons of important details that have to do with being a regular browser of the internet. And being one of the most important means is how to keep yourself safe online but also how to delete certain information in other to ensure the fastest browsing experience possible.

How to Clear Cookies on Firefox
How to Clear Cookies on Firefox

How to Clear Cookies on Firefox

When it comes to deleting details from your web browser, clearing cookies has gotten quite famous, and a lot of people do not understand how to do that in Firefox as opposed to other options. This does not mean that Firefox makes it hard to clear cookies; it simply means that it was done differently than on other browsers like Safari and Chrome.

Now to the big picture, what are website cookies? As stated by Google support, they are files created by various websites that you visit via your web browser. These cookies are put in place to make your time on their websites more of a fun moment.

For example, they do things like keep you logged in, remember site preferences, as well as suggest local content based on your location. How to clear cookies on Firefox depends on if you are making use of the desktop or the mobile version of the browser.

Clearing Cookies on a Computer

Clearing cookies on a computer has proven to be quite the task, and luckily, it’s not so hard to do, just as detailed by Firefox creator Mozilla on its support website. Furthermore, follow the steps stated below to clear cookies from your Firefox browser on your desktop or laptop:

  • First, launch Firefox on your computer
  • After that, head to the top right-hand corner of the tab and then click the three parallel lines: these are the “Menu bars.”
  • After that click on the “Privacy” tab
  • Choose “Clear your recent history.” For this step, you will need to make sure that out of all the options listed, “cookies” is the only one checked. If not the details would be erased.
  • Choose the time frame for which cookies you want to get deleted. This determines just how far back will be erased as well as which recent cookies would get removed. If you are looking to remove all the cookies, there will be an option listed as “Everything.” Make sure that you double-check that you are deleting only the information that you want to be cleared.
  • Hit “Clear now,” and the cookies you want to erase would be gone.

Deleting Cooking from Mobile devices

Clearing cookies from a mobile device is just as easy as you do it on a computer browser, although it’s quite different. The exact steps would vary slightly depending on whether you are making use of an iOS or Android device. If you want to clear cookies in Firefox on Android, follow these steps:

On Android

  • Launch the “settings” menu in the Firefox Android App
  • After that, launch within settings, and find the section titled “Privacy and Security.”
  • Click “Clear private data.” From here, you would be directed to a list of information that can be deleted.
  • Choose “cookies and active logins.” After this, tap “Clear data’ to delete the cookies from your Firefox on Android

On iPhone

Follow the steps stated below to erase cookies on iOS:

  • Launch the Firefox app on your iPhone or iPad
  • After that, click on the “Menu bars,” which are three parallel lines; these can be found in the bottom right-hand section of the screen.
  • Head over to settings and then head to privacy
  • Click on “Clear Private Data.” Be sure that you only select “cookies.”
  • Finally, tap on “Clear Private Data.” After this, your cookies would be cleared.

And there you have it how to clear cache in Firefox. However, the steps should be easy for you to handle so clear your cache if necessary.



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