Firefox Save Passwords on Android

Mozilla has decided to make things easier for its users by Firefox save passwords on Android. While this is a part of a new update rolling out soon, it’s definitely going to put a smile on the faces of its users. According to TechRadar, to commemorate this year’s cyber security awareness month, the company has added several new features to Firefox for android. These new features were designed to keep its user’s passwords safe and secure online.

Firefox save passwords on Android

In line with all this, users of Firefox browser will be able to seamlessly access any of the passwords saved to their Firefox password manager. In simple terms, users of the browser will be able to log into any of their online accounts using their Firefox saved passwords without even having to open a webpage. Sounds cool right?

Firefox save passwords on Android

While users can save their passwords online via the new Mozilla update, they can also leverage biometric security such as their face or fingerprint to unlock the app and safely access the passwords they stored online.

In an attempt to make things easier, when you create an account for any app on your android device, you can create and add a new password of which will be saved directly to Firefox. Once the password is saved in Firefox, you can use it on both mobile and desktop when signing into the online account associated with it.

Final words

Rumors have it that Mozilla is also bringing the ability to auto-fill passwords to Android smartphones. This means users will be able to use any password saved in their Firefox account to automatically log in to the online account with which the password is associated.

Originally, if you have a Firefox Account, you would be able to sync all your passwords across both desktop and mobile devices. Note that your password can be secured using your fingerprint or Face ID.


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