Why its Really Dumb to Pirate the Latest James Bond Film

Here is Why its really dumb to pirate the latest James bond film. Uncovered by cybersecurity researchers, a new wave of online scams of which is designed to entrap people looking forward to watching the new James film titled No Time to Die. Released on the 30th of September 2021, the movies garnered a lot of attention in the social media and the press hence creating an opening for cybercriminals.

Why its really dumb to pirate the latest James bond film

According to security firm Kaspersky’s analysis, threat actors are capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the film with an aim to spread malware and steal personal information that can be used to hijack accounts online. According to TechRadar, the company identified numerous malicious download links for the new movie.

These malicious download links conceal a variety of types of malware including trojan, adware, ransomware, and password stealers. Other download sites on the other hand allow visitors to watch the first few minutes of the movie and then ask users to enter personal information such as credit card details so they can continue watching the movie.

Why its really dumb to pirate the latest James bond film

While this is a common tactic among cybercriminals to key into the latest trend and draws people into making mistakes, I think internet users have become a little advanced. Inevitably, such a long-awaited premier such as No Time To Die would be a perfect way to spread Malware.

How to Prevent being Scammed

In order to shield yourself from this scam, you should avoid sites that promise early viewings of films or TV Series. Also, they should check the authenticity of a website before entering personal details. Also, they should pay close attention to the kind of files they are downloading as a movie file cannot end with “.exe”.


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