How to Clean Your PlayStation 5 – How Often Should Your PS5 be Cleaned

If your PS5 sounds a lot louder than normal or has been sitting in an enclosed space for quite some time, then it might just need time for a clean. How to Clean Your PlayStation 5 would be detailed below ao Stay tuned.

How to Clean Your PlayStation 5

How to Clean PS5

Dust seems to be an inescapable issue for all hardware, and a build-up get can lead to components overheating. worse still, this might result in a hardware failure, so it is better to be safe instead of facing hardware failure, you should consider cleaning your PS5 every few months.

Thankfully, Sony Built the PS5 in a way that cleaning the console is quite easy. You can choose to remove the console’s external faceplates or covers without having to reach for a toolkit, and the design generally does a great job of preventing excessive amounts of dust from settling down right inside the console.

If you do happen to be searching for information on how to clean your PS5, then you need to follow the steps stated below.

How to Clean Your PlayStation 5

below, I would be giving you the steps on How to Clean your PlayStation 5. these steps should not stress you out as they are quick and easy steps to follow.

Shut Down your PS5

First, turn off your PlayStation 5 and then unplug it from the mains. Be sure to confirm that your PS5 is laying down sideways for easier cleaning and taking out the stand of the console.

Place your PS5 on a table or surface that is clean. Do not place it on a carpet or rug with long fibers, as recommended by Sony.

Remove Both Faceplates

You should take out the faceplates using your hands. There are no screws involved, all you have to do is grip it and apply strength downwards and you would feel a pop when this happens.

Once you have located any dust deposits, make use of compressed air to take it out, or a low-powered vacuum. If this does not work, try making use of a microfiber cloth that has been dipped right in isopropyl alcohol and wipe it gently – only make use of as little as you require.

Check for Dust

Check the fins along the PS5 sides and inspect the front ports also for any dust deposits.

Once you are done with that, once again reattach both the PS5 faceplates. Place the stand back into your PS5, reconnect it to the mains, and then return your console to its previous place right inside your home.

How Often Should Your PS5 be Cleaned

You should be required to clean your PS5 more often, but there seems to be no definitive answer for how frequently a clean is needed. Everyone’s home and setup are actually very different, and most consoles would not require anything more than a surface level dusting every once in a while.

It is great to practice hardware checks every few months. After all, no one wants their console to sound weird when gaming on it. If you happen to notice an increase in that fan noise, it’s a good indication that your PS5 might need a clean. The fans will kick up at a much faster rate to cool down the PS5 more effectively, but if they are working overtime for too long, this might actually lead to the console overheating.


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