How to Check Games That Work on Steam Deck

This article would be giving you details on How to Check Games That Work on Steam Deck. Right after suffering delays that pushed, its launches to 2022, we are just a couple of days out from the release of the steam Deck. There’s a lot of anticipation riding behind the release of the steam Deck.

How to Check Games That Work on Steam Deck

There’s a lot of anticipation riding the release of Valve’s handheld gaming PC, but one major question that remains is that of compatibility. While valve still tries to make as many PC games actually work is quite the process.

How to Check Games That Work with Steam Deck

As a result, there are lots of people that pre-ordered steam Decks without a solid idea of how many of their steam games would run on the machine at launch. Today, the valve would allow us to see which of the games in our steam libraries have been verified to run on the steam Deck.

Also, the company is also showing us which games would be playable, the games that are yet to be tested, and the game that would probably not run well on the Deck. If you are looking forward to a quick and easy way to check out games that would run very well on the steam Deck, then this tool was designed for your use.

Steam Deck Compatibility Tool

Just as announced in a post to the Steam community site, this new tool that was designed to check the compatibility of Steam Deck is pretty straightforward. To check the games in your library that are compatible with the steam Deck, all you are expected to do is:

  • Navigate to this page on the Steam store and then log into your steam account.
  • Once you are in, you would be presented with a list of four categories.
  • The first one shows you all the games that are inside your library that have been verified as “fully functional” on steam Deck.
  • In my list, the category possesses some unsurprising entries, and it includes “Vampire Survivors,” several of the “Final Fantasy” Pixel Remasters, “Sonic Mania,” and “Tetris Effect Connected.”
  • The next panel would display games from your library that you can play on Steam Deck.
  • The major difference between this category and the first is that games found in this section on the steam Deck might actually need some extra configuration before they run optimally.

There is also a section for games that do not work at all on steam Deck, so you should not bother installing and launching any games found on that list. At least at the moment. The fourth section of the page contains the number of games in your Steam Library that are yet to be tested for steam Deck compatibility.

Steam Deck Compatibility: Untested

There is a possibility that the last category would turn out to be the largest one for most steam gamers. For instance, valve stated that there are at the moment 384 games in my Library that are yet to be tested for steam deck compatibility. That sounds like a whole lot, but it is not as bad as it appears to be.

Have it at the back of your mind that these games are simply untested. As valve notes, theirs is a chance that untested games get to run perfectly fine on Steam Deck – it is only a matter of valve not verifying that functionality at the moment. Indeed, Valve has its work cut out for it if it plans is to test every game that is on the steam catalog, which at the moment already includes thousands of games and gets even bigger by the day.

So, if you do happen to have tons of games yet to be tested by the time you have your steam Deck in hand, then nothing should be preventing you from installing those games and taking them for a spin just to see if they work perfectly well. Valve also prompts steam Deck users to head over to the Steam Deck compatibility page often to see which titles in their libraries have been verified.


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