Disappearing Tweet Issue Will be Fixed Says Twitter

Disappearing tweet issue will be fixed says twitter – the company says it will be rolling out new updates over the next two months in a bid to salvage the issue.

Disappearing Tweet Issue Will be Fixed Says Twitter

Disappearing Tweet Issue Will be Fixed Says Twitter

Twitter revealed recently on its support account on Wednesday to be precise that it is planning to make some relevant changes to the platform that will stop tweets from disappearing while you are reading them.

Recently, users have run into an issue with tweets on Twitter. For example, if you were looking at a tweet on your Twitter timeline, and at the same time another user you follow replied to the tweet, or maybe the original tweeter threaded it, the app would fresh on its own immediately and in the process making the tweet disappear from view.

Obviously, this is not ideal. And with that being said, Twitter has plans in place to make changes over the next two months to fix the said problem. Twitter replied to a user explaining what’s it’s trying to fix simply as: “we want you to be able to stop and read a tweet without it disappearing from view.”

With the timeline given, it simply means that the fix won’t be coming immediately or anytime soon meaning that you may still run into the same issue before the necessary changes are made. And while it is not yet clear as to what changes the company plans to make, the fixes to the problem could be a welcome development for affected persons.


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