iOS 15 Builds In Better Customer Support For In-App Purchases


iOS 15 Builds In Better Customer Support For In-App Purchases. Apple already launched iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and the WatchOS 8 this week. And during the launch, Apple also introduced the StoreKit 2, a set of API’s for subscriptions and in-app purchases. The new tools will help developers easily track and support purchases made by their users instead of putting up with third-party solutions.

iOS 15 Builds In Better Customer Support For In-App Purchases

iOS 15 Builds In Better Customer Support For In-App Purchases

The new kit or feature introduces new APIs to help to determine the product entitlements and eligibility for offers, find out about the latest status of a subscription with a simple check, get a user’s history of in-app purchases quickly. Also, it offers a means for users to easily manage their subscriptions and request in-app refunds.

The app store server API and the apple store server notifications are also being updated by apple. With this developers can now know when a user’s subscription is expiring in real-time and possibly offer a free extension.

A Better Customer Support

In a blog post breaking down apple changes as noted by RevenueCat, the StoreKit 2 feature will only work when devices concerned are running newer software updates like the iOS 15. Other apps that still support the older versions of Apple’s OS are therefore encouraged to opt for the original StoreKit.

Apple currently is allowing users of its products to stay on iOS 14 and only just receive security updates. And with the way the products of apple last, there are a lot of them still out there. But however, StoreKit 2 and StoreKit are interoperable. Apple writes that: “purchases made with the original StoreKit will still be able accessible through the new StoreKit 2 transaction and renewal info APIs.”

The changes made will make it easier to offer traditional customer care support for any purchase made in-app. It could be a good thing for developers to offer some form of in-app purchases of some kind. And apple on the other hand will benefit from this, all thanks to its 30 percent cut.


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