Amazons Departmental Stores Sounds Like A Good Way to Sell Clothes

Amazon’s Departmental Stores Sounds Like A Good Way to Sell Clothes – according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the rumored amazon department store experiment may take a high-tech approach to selling clothes. And if this happens it will be as the company did with groceries.

Amazons Departmental Stores Sounds Like A Good Way to Sell Clothes

Amazons Departmental Stores Sounds Like A Good Way to Sell Clothes

The company was previously rumored to be opening various departmental stores in California and Ohio respectively. This news comes as the company is pushing into physical retailing and the department stores will feature their own clothing brands as well. According to the journal, amazon’s department stores will be focusing more on customer convenience just like Amazon’s cashier-less Go stores. This approach however will be using several tech solutions.

An idea suggests that customers will have to scan QR codes of the items that would love to try on using a smartphone app. Sales associated with the stores will then gather these items and place them in a dressing room.

Amazons High-Tech Dressing Room

Once customers are in their dressing rooms, they could also ask for more clothing items via a touch screen device. This device will be capable of recommending more clothes and items based on what they have earlier selected, says the article.

It is reported that Amazon is seriously considering introducing automation and robots to help streamline the shopping experience in these stores. But exactly how this will be done is still unclear.

The stores will sell amazons brand first before selling other items from retailers that sell on the amazon online marketplace. Amazon once made a major push into the apparel business back in 2016, but it received criticisms following claims that it copies from its competitors.

Amazon is now the number one apparel retailer in the US surpassing Walmart according to a Wells Fargo report cited by CNBC. And this was reported before any physical effect of physical department stores could have on the recognition of the company and its brands. Selling clothes in a department store could give amazons products and identity that is beyond their already affordable prices.

What This Means for Shoppers and Employees

Amazon was asked about the plans by the verge. And the company said they don’t comment on rumors. But if these rumors were true, amazons department stores could offer a very different experience to the traditional clothing store business for both employees and shoppers.

It’s already difficult to not compare the efficiency-minded and automated solutions that Amazon is considering for shoppers to the robotic means that it manages its employees in its distribution centers. For employees that would love to work in amazon in the near future, hopefully, the comparisons end there on paper.


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