How to Change the font in Windows 11

Are you interested in Windows 11 How to change the font in Windows 11? the font looks okay but you might be bored of seeing one particular font and might want a change. And there are different ways of changing the font on your windows 11.

How to Change the font in Windows 11

But we have got you covered on changing the fonts and the different ways to achieve that. Windows 11 already has a default font called Segoe UI Variable.

Different Fonts Available in Windows 11

There are a lot of fonts in Windows 11 and we are going to look at some of the fonts available in Windows 11.

  • Arial Italic
  • Arial Bold
  • Arial Bold Italic
  • Arial Black
  • Bahnschrift
  • Calibri Light
  • Calibri Light Italic
  • Calibri
  • Calibri Italic
  • Calibri Bold
  • Calibri Bold Italic
  • Cambria
  • Cambria Italic
  • Cambria Bold
  • Cambria Bold Italic
  • Cambria Math
  • Candara Light
  • Candara Light Italic
  • Candara
  • Candara Italic
  • Candara Bold
  • Candara Bold Italic
  • Cascadia Code ExtraLight
  • Cascadia Code ExtraLight Italic
  • Cascadia Code Light
  • Cascadia Code Light Italic
  • Cascadia Code SemiLight
  • Cascadia Code Regular
  • Cascadia Code Italic
  • Cascadia Code SemiBold
  • Cascadia Code SemiBold Italic
  • Cascadia Code Bold
  • Cascadia Code Bold Italic
  • Cascadia Mono ExtraLight
  • Cascadia Mono ExtraLight Italic.
  • Cascadia Mono Light.
  • Cascadia Mono Light Italic.
  • Cascadia Mono SemiLight Italic.
  • Cascadia Mono Regular
  • Cascadia Mono Italic.
  • Cascadia Mono SemiBold.
  • Cascadia Mono SemiBold Italic.
  • Cascadia Mono Bold.
  • Cascadia Mono Bold Italic
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Cosmic Sans MS Italic
  • Cosmic Sans MS Bold
  • Cosmic Sans MS Bold Italic
  • Consolas
  • Consolas Italic
  • Consolas Bold
  • Consolas Bold Italic
  • Constantia
  • Constantia Italic
  • Constantia Bold
  • Constantia Bold Italic
  • Corbel
  • Corbel Italic
  • Corbel Bold
  • Corbel Bold Italic
  • Courier New
  • Courier New Italic.
  • Courier New Bold.
  • Courier New Bold Italic
  • Ebrima
  • Ebrima Bold
  • Franklin Gothic Medium
  • Franklin Gothic Medium Italic
  • Gabriola
  • Gadugi
  • Gadugi Bold
  • Georgia
  • Georgia Italic
  • Georgia Bold
  • Georgia Bold Italic
  • HoloLens MDL2 Assets
  • Impact
  • Ink Free
  • Javanese Text
  • Leelawadee UI
  • Leelawadee UI Semilight
  • Leelawadee UI Bold
  • Lucida Console
  • Lucida Sans Unicode
  • Malgun Gothic Semilight
  • Marlett
  • Microsoft Himalaya
  • Microsoft JhengHei Bold
  • Microsoft JhengHei UI Light
  • Microsoft JhengHei UI
  • Microsoft JhengHei UI Bold
  • Microsoft New Tai Lue.
  • Microsoft PhagsPa
  • Microsoft PhagsPa Bold
  • Microsoft Sans Sheriff
  • Microsoft Tai Le Bold
  • Microsoft YaHei Light
  • Microsoft YaHei UI
  • Microsoft YaHei UI Bold.
  • Microsoft Yi Baiti
  • MingLiU-ExtB
  • PMingLiU-ExtB
  • MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB
  • Mongolian Baiti
  • MS Gothic
  • MS PGothic
  • MS UI Gothic
  • MV Boli
  • Myanmar Text
  • Myanmar Text Bold
  • Nirmala UI Semilight
  • Nirmala UI
  • Nirmala UI Bold
  • Palatino Linotype Italic
  • Palatino Linotype Bold
  • Palatino Linotype Bold Italic
  • Segoe Fluent Icons
  • Segoe MDL2 Assets
  • Segoe Print
  • Segoe Print Bold
  • Segoe Script
  • Segoe Script Bold
  • Segoe UI Light
  • Segoe UI Light Italic
  • Segoe UI Semilight
  • Segoe UI Semilight Italic
  • Segoe UI
  • Segoe UI Italic
  • Segoe UI Semibold
  • Segoe UI Semibold Italic
  • Segoe UI Bold
  • Segoe UI Bold Italic
  • Segoe UI Black
  • Segoe UI Black Italic
  • Segoe UI Emoji
  • Segoe UI Historic
  • Segoe UI Symbol
  • Segoe UI Variable Display Light
  • Segoe UI Variable Display Semilight
  • Segoe UI Variable Display Regular
  • Segoe UI Variable Display Semibold.
  • Segoe UI Variable Display Bold.
  • Segoe UI Variable Small Light
  • Segoe UI Variable Small Semilight
  • Segoe UI Variable Small Regular
  • Segoe UI Variable Small Semibold.
  • Segoe UI Variable Small Bold
  • Segoe UI Variable Text Light.
  • Segoe UI Variable text Semilight.
  • Segoe UI Variable Text Regular
  • Segoe UI Variable Text Semibold.
  • Segoe UI Variable Text Bold.
  • Simon.
  • NSimSun.
  • SimSun-ExtB.
  • Sitka Banner
  • Sitka Banner Italic
  • Sitka Banner Semibold.
  • Sitka Banner Semibold Italic.
  • Sitka Banner Bold.
  • Sitka Banner Bold Italic
  • Sitka Display.
  • Sitka Display Italic
  • Sitka Display Italic
  • Sitka Display Semibold and many other fonts you would discover.

Changing the Font With the Control Panel

You can change the font on your windows 11 with the aid of the control panel, let us go through these steps to achieve it:

  • Navigate to the control panel and choose the “appearance and personalization option”.
  • After opening the appearance and personalization option, you would see fonts as one of the options. But you are to click on the “preview, delete, show, and hide font”.
  • Then you would see different options of font you could choose from.

Using the Gear Icon to change the Fonts

You could go to settings and achieve the same thing. So let’s see the procedure:

  • Hold the windows icon key, the + key, and the I key together which would show you the settings.
  • Then you would see different options but click on the Personalization option.
  • After clicking on the personalization option, you would fonts.
  • Click on Fonts, after clicking on fonts. You would see different available fonts you could decide from.

Installing Fonts from Microsoft Store

  • Go to Personalization under settings. And go through the option for fonts.
  • You would see an option that says “Get more fonts in Microsoft Store”.
  • Click on “get more fonts in Microsoft Store, “ which would take you to the Microsoft Store page”.
  • When you get to the Microsoft Store Page you would see different fonts.
  • Click on the font you want and click on the Get button to download the font.
  • After it has successfully downloaded, then it would be added to the list of available fonts.


How to change the default font in Word Windows 11?

To change the fonts in Word Windows 11,

  • Go to format and then click on the font.
  • Choose the font and the size of the font you choose.
  • To make it default, select default and click on Yes.

How do I change my font style?

You go to settings, and choose display, Choose Font size and style. And choose the choice of font from the font style menu.

How to change the font in Chrome Windows 11?

  • Open Chrome, and click on the gear icon.
  • Click on Appearance.
  • Make the changes you choose, close to the “Page Zoom” click the arrows that face down and choose the zoom option you want you can also change the font size.

How to change the fonts on your PC?

You open the settings, click on personalization and tap on fonts and choose the font family you want to use. Click on Yes, OK, and restart the computer.

How to change Windows 11 theme?

To change the theme on windows 11, click on the right click on the desktop and select personalize. This will open the personalization section in the settings app. You would see different themes at the top of this section under the header and select the theme of your choice to apply.

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