Africa Young Innovators for Health Award 2023 with Prize $15,000 to $90000 – APPLY NOW!

You can now apply for the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award 2023 edition which has been announced. The award is an Initiative of the IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations). The program aims at supporting young health entrepreneurs across Africa. For the advancement of innovative healthcare solutions for the benefit of their communities.

How to Apply for the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award 2023
How to Apply for the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award 2023

In 2021, the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award was launched. To address the pressing challenges faced by healthcare workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This inaugural edition aimed to identify and promote solutions that supported, equipped, protected, and trained. These frontline heroes tirelessly worked to safeguard and treat the public.

Now, in its second edition, the award focuses on nurturing health innovations that contribute to the realization of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) across Africa. By encouraging young innovators to develop and implement solutions that contribute to UHC. The award aims to accelerate progress toward equitable and accessible healthcare across Africa.

Benefits for IFPMA Africa Young Innovators for Health Award

Selected men and women will receive the first and second prizes (two each). This is in line with IFPMA’s support of gender equality:

  • The Selected men and women will receive fundraising of up to $90,000 (twice the First prizes of $30,000 and the Second prizes of $15,000)
  • Mentorship Opportunity: Selected Candidates will receive a business mentorship program for about three-month from top business leaders
  • They will also receive expert advice on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and any legal aspects by Adams & Adams
  • Media exposure: The chosen individuals will receive training in Media wise and will also have enhanced PR and press opportunities to showcase their innovation to a worldwide audience.

  • Global network: Through this award, Successful Candidates will have access to a network of supporters and partners working across healthcare, technology, and media


IFPMA is a global trade association for research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations. The organization speaks for the pharmaceutical industry, advocating for policies and practices that promote the discovery, development, and delivery of life-saving and life-enhancing medicines.

The IFPMA was established in 1968 and has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Its membership includes national industry associations, as well as major research-based pharmaceutical companies. The federation’s mission is to drive sustainable healthcare solutions through collaborative efforts and engagement with stakeholders, including governments, healthcare professionals, patient organizations, and international organizations.

Eligibility Criteria for IFPMA Africa Young Innovators for Health Award

The IFPMA Africa Young Innovators for Health Award is open to young African innovators aged 21 to 35

We expect the young innovators to develop a viable healthcare product/service.

Those who are in the process of developing such a product or service are also eligible to   apply for the Africa Young Innovators

The developed product must be contributing to achieving Universal Health Coverage by:

  • Increasing the number of people who receive services or products this includes men and women or
  • Adding to the service coverage and/or
  • Increasing the improvement of cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery

How to Apply

How can I Apply for the Africa Young Innovators? Do you have innovative solutions for better health outcomes? Kindly check the eligibility criteria before applying for this opportunity!

Key Objectives of IFPMA:

  • Promote Access to Medicines: IFPMA works to improve access to medicines globally, especially in developing countries, by supporting initiatives that address affordability, availability, and appropriate use of medicines.
  • Strengthen Regulatory Systems: The federation advocates for strong and harmonized regulatory frameworks to ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of medicines worldwide.
  • Foster Innovation: IFPMA promotes policies that encourage research and development of new medicines, including intellectual property protection and incentives for innovation.
  • Enhance Patient Health: IFPMA focuses on improving patient health outcomes by supporting initiatives that raise awareness, improve education, and enhance healthcare systems.
  • Ethics and Compliance: The federation is committed to upholding high ethical standards within the pharmaceutical industry and promoting responsible business practices.
  • Global Health Security: IFPMA actively contributes to global health security efforts, particularly in areas such as pandemic preparedness, antimicrobial resistance, and vaccines.



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