How Mobile Games Help People Handle With Depression

How Mobile Games Help People Handle With Depression? According to recent research from the London School of Economics and Political Science, games like Pokemon Go may help treat non-clinical forms of moderate depression. Researchers looked at how location-based mobile gaming affects local depression patterns.

How Mobile Games Help People Handle With Depression

A location-based game is one in which the action takes place and progresses in relation to the player’s current geographic location. GPS technology is often used to track this. A case study of Pokemon Go’s launch in 166 areas across 12 English-speaking nations was used by researchers, who took advantage of the game’s 50-week rollout schedule in 2016.

To evaluate depression levels between places with and without games, researchers formed a “control group” of areas, where the games had not been launched yet. Google Trends data was used to quantify online searches for depression-related phrases including “stress,” and “anxiety”, among others, in order to estimate local depression levels.

Studies in medicine and public health have long used internet search data to assess moderate depression. When Pokemon Go was released, there was an immediate decline in depression-related online searches, which suggests that location-based mobile games may reduce the incidence of local unhappiness rates.

How Mobile Games Help People Handle With Depression

As a result of these factors, the authors believe that playing location-based games may help relieve moderate depression in its players. It’s clear that location-based games may have a positive impact on the mental health of vulnerable populations. Policymakers should consider subsidizing location-based games because of their cheap cost and wide accessibility, according to academics.

Those with chronic or severe depressive illnesses are not included in the study since the authors make it clear in the publication that their results only apply to those with non-clinical forms of moderate depression.

According to co-author Dr. Aaron Cheng from the LSE’s Department of Management, mental health is critical to our personal and professional well-being because of the unpredictability we face every day. Depressive symptoms may be alleviated by location-based mobile games like “Pokemon Go”, which encourage face-to-face interaction, physical exercise outside, and exposure to nature.

What Makes Mobile Games So Popular?

The fact that mobile games are so popular might be attributed to the ease with which they can be accessed. Anyone, from your granny to your small cousin, may now play a game on their iPhone since almost everyone has a smartphone these days. It’s obvious that mobile games are more user-friendly when compared to buying a game for your Xbox at a shop.

The fact that mobile games are portable straight out of the box and can be played almost anywhere only serves to increase the happiness of the already overjoyed. Games like Angry Birds and Hero Academy are there to entertain you as you wait for a bus or go to the bathroom (believe me, people play on the can). It’s possible that if you use your phone for anything other than gaming, you’ll need to buy an additional battery.

Games that can be played during moving and don’t take up a lot of your time are being developed for the mobile market. Even though these games lack a lot of complexity, they nonetheless have a lot of fun to offer because of their simple, but engaging design.

Cut the Rope, for example, has brief stages that may be finished in a couple of seconds. The small, mobile-friendly style makes it easy to enjoy each level, even if you don’t have time to go back and grab all the stars when you get home.

Still on What Makes Mobile Games So Popular

Even in more complex games, you have the option to save your progress while playing. It’s also not a problem if you stop playing for a bit since most games keep running in the background. It’s also worth noting that many of these games feature simple controls, even if they’ve been released on other platforms.

For the first time, game publishers are releasing new mobile games at the same time as their PC and console counterparts, offering us the best of both worlds.

Also, if you’re one of those people who believe that using a controller with a touchscreen device isn’t the same as using a controller, just wait till more mobile-friendly controllers become available. Even if you don’t have a virtual joystick, you can still play Limbo and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on your mobile device thanks to mobile versions that provide a variety of ways to operate the erstwhile console-exclusive titles.

As a result, most consumers will consider a game to be “too pricey” if it costs $8 or more on their mobile device. This kind of thinking gives the impression that mobile games are just meant to be momentary distractions. When you take a look back at 2013 you’ll see that many of the amazing mobile games launched in 2013 are on par with the best console releases of the year. Why? Because even though that may be inexpensive, they aren’t any less excellent.

Free-to-play games make up a sizable portion of the app and game market. Although this means that some games will have absurdly expensive in-app purchases or intrusive adverts that you can’t go through, you aren’t obliged to pay anything if you don’t want to. The longer you play these games, particularly endless runs, the more you’ll be able to do with the items you’ve unlocked.

What are the Benefits of Playing Mobile Games?

Playing video games on your phone or tablet has been shown to improve your mental health in several studies. It is estimated that one in three people around the globe plays mobile games, according to reliable sources. While some people just play games once in a while, others devote their lives to gaming and even earn a living from it.

One of the many advantages of gaming is that it may help the body recover itself. Mobile gaming may potentially be used to treat mental health issues.

Playing mobile games has been shown to boost cognitive abilities, making it a worthwhile investment. It’s a terrific method to exercise the brain in a fun manner. A person must continually come up with creative answers to the problems they face. It improves your reasoning abilities since you have to think logically at all times.

Still on the Benefits of Playing Mobile Games

It’s impossible to deny the social and health advantages that come from playing video games. It’s best to keep yourself entertained by doing something entertaining, as socialization has dwindled during the previous several months. If you want to improve your motor abilities, you should play mobile games on a regular basis. People who play video games have a faster response time and greater motor abilities than those who don’t.

Concentration on a narrow range of issues is critical. When you’re studying or working, it’s crucial to have a high level of focus. Concentration may be boosted by playing mobile games. As a result, you’ll be able to keep your attention on a single topic for longer. The usage of mobile games by doctors all around the world has proven effective in the treatment of ADHD-afflicted youngsters.

When sad, the last thing anybody should do is binge eat. If you’re depressed you should play games instead of watching TV or listening to some sad music. This is a much more productive approach to dealing with mental illness. Playing mobile games may be an enjoyable distraction from the stresses of daily life.



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