Apply Now For Slovak National Scholarship Program 2022 For International Students

Application is open for international students to apply for Slovak National Scholarship Program 2022. One of the major objectives of Slovak National scholarship program for international students is to support the exchange of the students, study, Ph.D. scholarship applicants, higher institution tutors, researchers, and artists around the globe.

Apply Now For Slovak National Scholarship Program 2022 For International Students

This scholarship program is designed and funded by the Ministry of Education, science, research, and sports of the Slovak Republic. Slovak National Scholarship Programme supports the mobility of the students, Ph.D., University teachers, researchers, and artists for the scholarships to continue their higher studies at higher education institutions and other research organizations in Slovakia.

Apply Now For Slovak National Scholarship Program 2022 For International Students

Slovakia is officially called (Slovak Republic), the nation is very attractive and possesses scenic sites, it is also located in the heart of Europe. if you are still considering whether to study in Slovkia or not it will interest you to know that Slovakia has beautiful natural landscapes, medieval castles, mountains, and folk architecture.

In fact, it is a vibrant and modern country that welcomes students from all over the world. If you’re looking for a unique study abroad experience, there is no better place than Slovakia.

Your decision to study abroad in the Slovak Republic via the Slovak National Scholarship program will provide a great opportunity for you to grow academically, personally, and professionally. Some other reasons to study in Slovakia include:

The High Educational and Research Standards in Slovakia

The standard of education in Slovakia is quite high, There are many higher education institutions offering a wide range of study programs at all degree levels. This institution allows students from different countries to enroll in short-term courses, research, or long-term courses.

Slovakia has some of the best higher education institutions. One of the leading and the biggest university in the Slovak Republic is the Comenius University.

Low Cost of Living and Study

Living and studying in Slovakia, you will realize that life is fun and affordable. Living and study cost is low as compared to western European countries. Meanwhile, a study program that is taught in Slovak language does not attract the Payment of a tuition fee, while programs taught in a foreign language are charged a tuition fee.

You Get to Learn a New Language

This is one of the benefits of studying and living in Slovakia, you will have the oppy to learn their local language, this is of course achieved by continuously listening and practicing the speaking language.

Increase Your Employment Prospects

Increasing your employment prospect is a sure benefit you will derive from studying abroad in Slovakia, an experience that gives you a cutting edge over a pool of candidates.

Details of Slovak National Scholarship Program 2022

  • Name: National Scholarship Program
  • Institution: Higher Education instructions of Slovakia
  • Study Level: Research exchange for Master/Ph.D./Researcher/University Teachers
  • Application End Date: 30 April 2022

Requirements for Slovak National Scholarship Programme 2022

Candidates who are interested to apply for this scholarship are required to meet the following eligibility criteria;

  • It is expected that applicants should be International that is, from all nationalities except Slovakia
  • Slovak National Scholarship has about three categories in which students can apply by, they include:
  1. University students outside Slovakia, second-level students of higher education (master’s students), or

Those who at the time of the application deadline have already completed at least 2.5 years of their university studies in the same study program;

  1. Ph.D. students

Ph.D. students whose higher education takes place outside Slovakia and who are accepted by a public, private, or state university or a research institution in Slovakia are eligible to carry out a doctoral study programme2

  1. International university teachers, researchers, and artists

This set of persons above is invited to a teaching/research/artistic stay in Slovakia by an institution with a valid certificate of eligibility to carry out research and development.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship covers educational and living costs, research/artistic or teaching stay at universities and in research organisations3 in Slovakia. The following monthly Stipend is also given

  • 350 € for university students
  • 580 € for Ph.D. student and
  • university teacher/researcher/artist get 580 €

Those without a Ph.D. degree and has less than 4 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist get 580 €

Those with a Ph.D. degree and less than 10 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist get 850 €

While those with a Ph.D. degree and more than 10 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist will get 1,000 €

Application Documents

  • An Academic Resume or CV
  • A Statement of Interest or Motivation
  • Study Plan/Research Proposal
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Educational Documents (Results, Transcripts, Degrees)
  • Admission or Offer letter
  • Copy of Passport

How to Apply For Slovak National Scholarship Programme

The application process for Slovak National Scholarship is done online. You can check the link below to apply online or check the official announcement of the scholarship.

To apply online click this link:

To view the official announcement of the scholarship, click this link:



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