How Many Credits Is an Associate’s Degree

How many credits is an associate’s degree? Obtaining an associate’s degree is not new or an out-of-date topic. Its statistics show that.

How Many Credits Is an Associate’s Degree

And if you think you would like to get one for yourself, it is very important that you learn of everything that needs to be known about it before venturing on your journey. That being said, continue reading to learn of the number of credits that you need to get yourself an associate’s degree.

How Many Credits Is an Associate’s Degree

In order to graduate and get an associate’s degree, you typically will need to complete the 60-course credits that is required or 90 if it is that your college is on the quarter system. And you will also need to maintain a minimum GPA that is set by your college or your department. Getting an associate’s degree or its equivalent is very important. An associate’s degree can open new paths to new job openings and opportunities and it also can be used to transfer directly into bachelor’s degree programs just so you know.

The Admission Requirements for Associate’s Degree

The requirements for admissions in regard to an associate’s degree as you should know vary from college to college. But one thing that is however similar to all the places where an associates degree is offered is that you will generally need to meet up with a couple of conditions in order to gain entry or admission to an associate’s degree program and you can find them below;

  • You should be 18 years of age by the time you kickstart your first day of class.
  • You should and must meet up with the GPA requirements that are established by your or some community colleges.
  • Lastly, you need to have a high school diploma or should have passed a General Education Development test (GED) or any of its equivalents.

Cost of an Associate’s Degree Program

Tuition levels as you should know vary between colleges and programs. And even at that, the average tuition for one year in an associate degree program is $3,800 as reported back in 2021, according to statistics of the College Board. Well, that is however for public in-district schools which simply means that you are a resident in the district where the associate degree program is located.

And when compared with the average tuition fee for a year in a bachelor’s degree program, which reportedly costs $10,740 for public in-state schools, $27,560 for public out-of-state schools on the other hand, and then $38,070 for private nonprofit schools.

Financial Aid

Students that are enrolled in an associate degree program might just be eligible for federal financial aid, but as long as the institution is accredited. You also can submit a FAFSA application just to see if you qualify to get federal aid or federal student loans. For the 2021-2022 school year, 56 percent of community college students in question received aid, while 33 percent on the other hand received federal grants.

Types of Associates Degree

There are many types of associate’s degrees available to students, but the most common types of associate’s degrees are;

Associates of Arts (AA)

Associate programs that are focused on business, humanities, arts, or social sciences are at most times referred to as Associate of Arts degrees. An AA may just be a stepping stone to transfer to a bachelor’s degree.

Associates of Science (AS)

Associate programs in a field that is related to science or math are at most times known as Associate of Science degrees. Alongside an AA, the AS is typically recommended by schools for students who feel or wish to transfer to four-year programs.

Associates of Applied Science (AAS)

Associate programs in question that are focused on technical and vocational skills are often known as Associate of Applied Science programs. These programs in question are generally designed to prepare students for a specific occupation or work in a specific field after they graduate.

Fields in regard to this type of degree can include computer science technology, hospitality management, paralegal studies, law enforcement, and welding, among many others. And although it is way less common to make use of an AAS degree to transfer into a bachelor’s program, some four-year degree programs on the other hand have started accepting them for transfers.



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