How Many Credits for an Associate Degree

How many credits are for an associate degree? Do you have any idea? You just may have heard a couple of things about associate degrees and that earning one takes less time as well as money when compared to a four-year degree. Yes, this may be true, but how many credits does one need to get an associate’s degree?

How Many Credits for an Associate Degree

How Many Credits for an Associate Degree

Well, we will kick things off by answering the most basic question that many students and people have asked and that is how many credits do you need to earn an associate’s degree? A typical associate’s degree in question requires students to complete 60 credit hours. And while 60 credit hours may look like a lot, the load of your course will roughly come out to 20 three-credit hour courses.

The good news, in this case, is that those credits really don’t have to be completed within a period of two years. And if it is that you want to pursue a college degree, but you also have to work full or part-time, you then can take these classes at a really slower pace.

While 60 credits is the average, this number may vary slightly depending on the college you select to attend and the field of study that you get to earn your degree. One thing you should always do is to double-check with the school that you plan to attend about what the exact requirements are.

What If You Already Have Some College Credit

If it is that you already have some college credit, then you should make sure that your school knows. And while not all colleges will accept credits from other educational institutions, many on the other hand will. If you get to know where you would like to attend, you can always find out if your credits will transfer simply by calling them or visiting their website.

Some college websites will have a transfer guide available to you that states what classes they accept. And if you can’t find some of your classes on their list, then it is always worth inquiring further about them.

There can at many times be a lot of different names for one type of class. With that being said, it is always good to ask someone to look at your transcripts directly. And even if your class is not explicitly listed on the website of a college, they may still get to accept your credits. Transferology is one excellent and great tool to utilize to check with many schools about what credits they will accept.

The Purpose of an Associate’s Degree

The main purpose of an associate’s degree varies depending on the person in question who is seeking it. Many people want a more gradual introduction to college. Others on the other hand may know that their future career choice does not require a four-year degree and with that do not want to pursue a more formal education than what is needed. Some people, however, pursue an associate’s degree in a bid to make themselves more competitive job candidates.

Whatever the reason for getting an associate’s degree, pursuing higher education is always something that can prove to be very beneficial. And even if you don’t have an exact plan for your degree, that’s very much okay. Education is a tool that can unlock doors that you don’t yet know about. You really do not need to have a concrete plan in order to pursue further education. If pursuing it is something that you are passionate about, that is a good enough reason for you to pursue your degree!



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