How Many Facebook Users are There – Which Countries Have The Most Active Facebook Users

Have you ever wondered how many Facebook users are on Facebook? Or perhaps you are interested in the statistics? If yes, you’ve come to the right place, the main purpose of this article is to explain detailedly all you need to know about the statistics and number of Facebook users.

How Many Facebook Users are There

Understanding how many people use Facebook isn’t an arduous task, since its inception as a popular social media platform worldwide, Facebook has grown to 2.80 billion monthly users, and 1.84 billion users visit the social networking site on a daily basis, reaching 59.0 percent of the social media users.

What is The Facebook User Key Statistics?

In a simple and analytical manner, I will dissect to you some very speculated key statistics of those making use of Facebook, they are given below.

They are:

  • The number of daily active users right now is an estimated 1.73 billion users, with an increase of 11% every year.
  • The number of Facebook monthly active users is 2.60 billion, with an attendant increase of 10% each year.
  • The Facebook family daily active people is 2.36 billion, with an increase of 11% year-over-year.
  • Facebook now has 2.99 billion monthly active people, accessing facebook owned services.

Which Countries Have The Most Active Facebook Users?

When it comes to the countries that are among the top list of Facebook users, am going to list them below.

These are:

  • India has the most Facebook users with over 260 million.
  • The second on the list is the United States with about 180 million active users.
  • Indonesia has about 130 million users.
  • The nation of ml Brazil has about 120 million users.
  • Finally, the number of Facebook users is 84 million.

However, you must know that the number of Facebook fake monthly active users is 5%, which is about 130 million of 2.6 billion users. Also, the analysis aforementioned is in its decreasing order.

What Are The Changes In The Facebook Monthly Active Users?

Am going to show you below the changes over the years of the monthly active users, I will walk you through them below.

They are given this:

  • Facebook right now has 2.70 billion monthly active users.
  • The last quarters investors report shows a 12% increase in the monthly active users.
  • Also,66.53% of the monthly active users log in through mobile devices or desktops.
  • The world’s active internet users that access Facebook every month is 59.08%.
  • Finally,59.08% of the world’s active internet users access Facebook every month.

What Are The Advantages Of Many Facebook Active Users?

As a Facebook user, there are a whole lot of benefits accrueing to bring an active member of Facebook owing to Facebook numerous users, am going to list some of these below.

They are:

  • Due to the millions of Facebook users, Facebook is an active site to reach a whole lot of people and promote your business.
  • Meeting with different people from different races and nation’s will not only widen your horizon but help you access news and information.
  • You can also see your life partner or date on the Facebook platform, seeing that Facebook is accessible to all gender and races, there’s also a dating platform on Facebook.

Haven understood how many users are there on Facebook and its many advantages, make sure to join the numerous number of people on Facebook making use of the substantial benefits.

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