How Many Credits for Associate’s Degree

How many credits for associate’s degree? An associate’s degree as you should know is a two-year college degree that students can get from a community college, junior college, online university, or even some four-year institutions in the US and it takes about 60 semester or 90 quarter credits to attain.

How Many Credits for Associate’s Degree

How Many Credits for Associate’s Degree

In terms of education, you should know that an associate’s degree falls directly between a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree.  Students in question go on to do different things with their associate degree. That being said, some get to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program, while others on the other hand choose to go directly into the workforce. You also can earn your associate degree just after working for a couple of years as it just can be the first step to a new career or to simply help you advance in your current one.

Continue reading to understand key facts in regards to earning your associate degree, and the important factors such as educational and professional goals that you should consider as you decide on whether it is the right choice for your future.

The Key Facts to Obtaining an Associate’s Degree

Earning your associate’s degree is most typically more affordable and it also takes less time than earning your bachelor’s degree. It can also help you to forge new career paths in professional fields like medicine, engineering, and even computer science. That being said, let’s review the basics of what it really costs, as well as what it takes to get an associate degree.

Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission for an associate’s degree vary much from college, but the thing is that you will generally need to meet up with the following conditions stated here in a bid to gain entry or admission into an associate’s degree program and they are;

  • Meet up with the GPA requirements established by many community colleges
  • You must be 18 years by the time you start your first day of class
  • You must have a high school diploma or should have passed a General Education Development test (GED) or an equivalent of the test.

The Cost of An Associate’s Degree

While tuition levels may vary between colleges and programs, the average tuition as you should know for one year in an associate degree program is $3,800 in the year 2021, as per the College Board. That is however for public in-district schools thus meaning that you are a resident in the district where the associate degree program is located.

And when you compare that with the average tuition for a year in a bachelor’s degree program, which as you should know is $10,740 for public in-state schools, $27,560 for public out-of-state schools on the other hand, and lastly, $38,070 for private nonprofit schools.

How Long Do Associates Degree Programs Take

Associate degree programs generally take full-time students about two years to earn, although it can reportedly take longer for part-time students on the other hand. If you however prefer to work while you are earning your associate degree, you will be in good company. Over four million community college students attended part-time in 2021 (in contrast to 2.2 million full-time attendees) and 72 percent of them in question worked.



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