Hideo Kojima Reveals More Details about the Development of Metal Gear Solid 1

Hideo Kojima reveals more details about the development of Metal Gear Solid 1. The staff of Metal Gear Solid reportedly didn’t work nights during the development of the game in order “to reduce the monthly electricity bill.”

Development of Metal Gear Solid 1

Development of Metal Gear Solid 1

Hideo Kojima has just revealed that during the production phase of the first Metal Gear Solid game, he reportedly asked staff to stop working nights in a bid to cut down the utility bills of the company.

Taking to Twitter/X on the famous 25th anniversary of the game, Kojima reportedly revealed and described some details regarding the development of the game in a lengthy post (via GamesRadar+). It took down the curtain on his process as well as his feelings at the time, and this is including the changes he experienced in regards to leading the development of a game for the first time.

These in question included reducing costs just by altering staff working patterns: “To reduce the monthly electricity bill, I asked the company to stop working at night,” he stated. Kojima could make this request as “MGS1 was the first work I produced on my own.”

What Led To Some of the Decisions During The Development Of Metal Gear Solid

Prior to this, the developer had “planned, written, designed, and directed the game, my superiors had been responsible for production” so that MGS1 was a turning point for the game creator, which at the time included making such important staffing decisions. Even if the act in question was just to lower the bills of the company.

And while taking away night work wasn’t a decision that was made to directly avoid ‘crunch’ as it is when video game development staff get to work well beyond their normal hours in a bid to get a game finished for a deadline – it could have well been a happy by-product of the move in question.

The Growth of Metal Gear Solid since Its Release

25 years is quite a lifetime, and a whole lot has changed since the seminal stealth action game was released to the general public. The series in question in case you don’t know continued to be one of the most forward-looking as well as envelope-pushing in the industry, and there is now a confirmed Metal Gear Solid 3 remake on the horizon as that game nears its 20th anniversary, as well as a re-release of the very first three MGS games (and others) set to come out this year.

Hideo Kojima’s Journey after He Left Konami

And as for Kojima, he eventually left Konami and reportedly returned with Death Stranding in the year 2019, with a sequel to that very game confirmed and currently in the works.



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