Hatched Expands to the East Coast and Introduces New Paid Features

Sometimes, online dating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Hatched wants to scramble it up with its unique gamified user experience. Instead of using profile pictures, the dating app shows potential matches depicted as eggs, and the only way to see what they look like is by answering personality-driven questions and slowly opening the shell.

Hatched Expands to the East Coast and Introduces New Paid Features
Hatched Expands to the East Coast and Introduces New Paid Features

Today, the startup launched a new in-app currency, “Yolks,” offering premium features such as the ability to “super hatch” or super like a match.

Hatched Expands to the East Coast

Hatched is expanding to the East Coast, with a gradual rollout beginning next month in Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Boston, and Pennsylvania. It has recently become available in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

Blind dating isn’t a novel concept, and prominent dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have already embraced it. However, instead of leaving the responsibility of crafting an opening line to users, Hatched offers questions that reveal similar character traits, aiming to encourage a deeper connection in theory.

CEO and co-founder Mitch Alterman mentioned, “Numerous studies indicate that the more similar you are to your soulmate, the greater the potential success of your relationship.

When you tap on a match, Hatched presents a question and two answers to choose from. If you pick the same option as the other person, then it will hatch 25% of the person’s selfie, starting from the bottom.

You’ll know you responded the same when the egg shakes and “cracks” open one layer. If you answer differently, the egg flashes red, indicating it likely isn’t compatible. However, if you want to try again, an “Egg On” option allows you to answer a new question in hopes of securing the match. But the other match must also select “Egg On” to continue.

It also reveals aspects of their profile, including age, bio, hobbies, occupation, prompts, and “adjeggtives” or adjectives. Both parties must provide matching responses four times to complete the profile.

Elevating Dating Dynamics: Therapist-Designed Questions, Hatching Progress

A team of therapists formulates the questions, focusing on core values, interests, and character traits. For example, questions like “Do you believe in the phrase, ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’?” or “Would you consider yourself good at keeping up with friends?” populate the app’s current database of 500 questions. Mitch Alterman mentioned, “We update [the list] once every other month… We want to continually evolve and add additional questions as the app grows.” Additionally, the dating app plans to incorporate questions related to current events and “what’s relevant in the world.

Your matches are organized in your “Egg Carton,” which monitors the progression of the “hatching” process. For instance, if a potential match has yet to answer the first question, they’ll be in the “Goose Eggs” section at 0%. “Poached Eggs” represent profiles that are 25% unlocked, 50% is “Sunny Side Up,” 75% is “Hard-Boiled,” and 100% is “Fully Hatched.”

A limitation is that Hatched provides only six daily matches. However, with the new Yolks feature, you can acquire six additional eggs for 400 Yolks. Hatched offers four bundles: $0.99 for 100 Yolks, a $4.99 bundle for 750 Yolks, $9.99 for 2,000 Yolks, and $19.99 for 5,000 Yolks.

In addition to buying a selection of new potential matches, you can spend 500 Yolks to Super Hatch someone, taking after major dating apps like Hinge’s Rose, Bumble’s SuperSwipe, or Tinder’s Super Like. Meanwhile, 50 Yolks allow you to egg on a potential match, and 25 Yolks let you nudge a person who hasn’t responded to the question yet. The Nudge feature sends the desired user a push notification

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