Gamification: What Is Gamification And How To Get Started With It

The word Gamification must be strange to you. Past years have been difficult for individuals. The covid pandemic has kept people apart, so it may be hard to get motivated for work and personal life.

Gamification is the act of adding a motivational factor to individual daily activities. If you have been tortured by the covid pandemic, then it is time to cut out and get yourself gamifying.

Read through this article to learn the major about Gamification, and how it works.



The strategy is beneficial for normal things you do at home like cleaning, doing the dishes, filing taxes, and even learning. Gamification can also be a source of motivation during the stay-at-home period.

The extreme stress from COVID-19 can result in an absence of focus, motivation, and overall happiness. Gamification may be a simple step that will put enjoyment into a task even on tough days.

What Is Gamification?

As the name suggests, games are a word that sounds familiar from Gamification. Both video and board games give some kind of prize or recognition when you meet a goal or win.

Taking the dynamics of gaming and applying it to your everyday life is what we referred to as gamifying your life.

How To Gamify?

You can turn anything and everything into a game. It only takes a little bit of planning. The first step is to work out what you would like to complete.

It might be a goal as big as working toward a promotion at your job or as simple as donating some old clothes. Once you’ve got the task in mind, then you’ll choose your prize.

The reward you’re working toward must be something you actively want. Otherwise, you’ll lose interest quickly. Similar to the task, the prize might be something small or big, it all depends on you.

Then, define what success will seem like for this specific task. For example, you’ll be able to set a time limit if you complete the task within an hour, you win.

If you prefer something more in-depth, then you can create a point system. Vacuuming one room is one point, doing the dishes is another and once you reach a definite amount, you win and obtain your prize.

Ultimately, the chances are endless and may be as complex or simple as you’d like. The plan is to make the task as enjoyable as possible and receive the specified reward.

Gamification Tools

Throughout the pandemic, technology has helped people connect from afar. It can take your Gamification to another level. There are many tools you can access to gamify your life:


SuperBetter takes on the hard things in a creative way. You will be able to complete simple tasks that assist you to work your way to your ultimate goal.

For example, this app can be used to deal with mental health issues by battling “bad guys” and winning small competitions. The task might be to drink water, which helps you win the round.


Foursquare gets you up and out, exploring new things in your area or somewhere new. You earn points and compete with friends as you go on to complete activities in pandemic-safe ways.


Habitica is an app to use if gamifying your life involves tasks specific to you. If you would like to create new daily or long-term goals, simply add them to the app.

You’ll also include the reward you wish to achieve and work your way through it, checking off your progress as you go. Habitica adds true gameplay elements since you’ll fight back monsters to earn gold that connects to your goals.


If you would like to gamify your money-saving strategy, use SmartyPig. This app puts the item you’re saving for as your end goal and tells you when to invest money aside for it.


Do you want to exercise and same time get active? Fitocracy immerses you during a role-playing game (RPG). Games where you’ll virtually fight back opponents or win mini-challenges. You’ll become healthier as you complete these goals.

Get to Gamifying Today

Gamify every aspect of your life with these tools and tips. Gamification adds motivation, excitement, and a means of accomplishment to every task. Despite what you’re facing, you’ll go through it with a gamified approach.

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