Fantasy Premier League Price Changes

Have you heard of fantasy premier league price changes before? Or perhaps do you want to know and understand what it entails? Don’t be perplexed, in a simple and detailed manner, I will tell you all you need to know about fantasy premier league price changes.

Fantasy Premier League Price Changes

The fantasy premier league price changes, basically involve the rise or fall of the player’s price due to how many managers transfer them during any given game week, losing a certain percentage of their owners that week, and a rise basically relies on the number of effective transfers each week.

How Do Fantasy Premier League Price Changes Work?

It’s not an arduous task to know how fantasy premier league price changes work, so am going to work you through below, follow ardently.

They are:

  • The first thing is that the price changes refer to the players and it fluctuates as the season unfurls, it includes a rise and a fall, or otherwise, it depends on how many users transfer a player in or out.
  • The rise or fall in price changes cannot be more than 0.1m per day and it cannot be increased in value even by a player by more than 0.3m over the course of a game week.
  • A player raises in price depending on the number of effective and efficient transfers each week, or to earn more new owners than they did to achieve the first price rise and a certain number of transfers are needed for a player to rise in price.
  • There’s a fall in price for the player due to losing a percentage of their owners in a week, and also when there’s no exact number of transfers or no set figure across the board. It is also dependent on the ownership rather than transfers, an injury sustained by a player, or gradual efficient decrease in playing than the colleagues will surely lead to prices falling. Moreover, the status of the players is also important and inclusive.
  • Finally, when a big swing like 10,000 transfers take place or invariably a 50% change in ownership, it will lead to a price increase.

Following these aforementioned processes and procedures, you should be able to know how fantasy price changes work.

What Time Do Prices Change in Fantasy Premier League?

When it comes to the actual time or speculated time range when prices change, you must realize that it only changes in a day. However, it used to be in the middle of the night but it now 12 midnight (GMT).

Moreover, understand that this is just an approximated calculated analysis; it will be safe to transfer before midnight.

What Is The Fantasy Premier League Price Changes Of Some Players?

Here, in a simple way, you will see the fantasy price changes if some know players, they are given below.

These are:

  • Diego Jota of Liverpool (MID) by £6.9m
  • Jamie Vardy of Leicester (FWD) by £10.3m
  • Hector Bellerin of Arsenal (DEF) by  £5.2m
  • Edouard Mendy of Chelsea (GK) by £5.2m
  • Ben Chilwell of Chelsea (DEF) by £6.2m
  • James Justin of Leicester (DEF) by £4.9m
  • Andrew Robertson of Liverpool (DEF) by £7.2m
  • Kevin De Bruyne of Man City (MID) by £11.7m
  • Riyad Mahrez of Man City (MID)  by £8.3m
  • Jack Grealish of Aston Villa (MID) by £7.7m
  • Bruno Fernandes of Man Utd (MID) by £10.9m
  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton (FWD) by £8.0m
  • Kurt Zouma of Chelsea (DEF) by £5.6m
  • Lukasz Fabianski of West Ham (GK) by £5.1m
  • James Ward-Prowse of Southampton (MID) by  £6.1m
  • Pedro Neto of Wolves (MID) by £5.6m.

Now that you know what fantasy price changes league is all about, the cause and how it runs, only will it not help you as a potential or intending player, but also save you from difficulties such as a price fall. Haven said this, it will be good for you to take note of this and join/watch the fantasy price league.

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