Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program 2024 (Up To  $87,500 Salary)

Harvard University’s Environmental Department is inviting recent PhD recipients to employ and enhance the exceptional resources available at Harvard in addressing challenging environmental problems.

Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program

The Environmental Fellows program, established by Harvard University Environmental HUCE, offers an opportunity for recent PhD graduates to access and leverage the extensive resources of Harvard University in addressing intricate environmental challenges. Over a duration of two years, fellows collaborate with esteemed faculty members from various schools and departments, fostering a vibrant research community that enhances interdisciplinary connections throughout the University.

Benefits of Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program

  • The fellowship package consists of a yearly salary of $87,500, eligibility for employee health insurance, reimbursement of up to $2,500 for relocation costs, and an annual allowance of $2,500 for professional travel and other expenses.
  • HUCE anticipates granting about six fellowships for the 2024 group.
  • To foster camaraderie and familiarity with one another’s work, HUCE coordinates a co-curricular program where fellows participate in biweekly dinners alongside Harvard faculty members and guest speakers from the Harvard faculty.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the 2024 Environmental Fellowships, applicants should have completed their terminal degree between May 2020 and August 2024. Before beginning their appointment in September 2024, fellowship recipients must have already submitted their dissertation.
  • Candidates with a doctorate or an equivalent qualification in any field are qualified for the fellowship and can propose research projects in any discipline. Those without a Ph.D. can still apply if they have pursued studies in fields where a Ph.D. is not typically considered the final degree. It is important for all successful candidates to have experience in conducting scholarly research.
  • Degrees earned from any university worldwide are acceptable, and foreign nationals can also apply for fellowships. However, proficiency in English is necessary since studying at Harvard requires it.
  • Every candidate applying for the fellowship must secure a commitment from one or more faculty members at Harvard to be their mentor(s) and provide them with office or lab space throughout the two-year fellowship period.
  • Candidates who have obtained their terminal degrees from Harvard or are currently post-doctoral researchers at Harvard are eligible for the fellowship, under the condition that their research and host arrangements lead them in new directions and foster fresh connections within the university.
  • Applicants from Harvard should not suggest the idea of continuing their collaboration with their current professors or lab groups. Moreover, it is expected that candidates do not engage in extensive collaboration with their thesis advisor.
  • Successful fellowship recipients should be willing to dedicate the full two years of the program to working at Harvard. This means residing in the Cambridge area, and any fieldwork planned must be scheduled for the summer or January recess.

How to Apply to the Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program

  • Candidates should attach the relevant supporting documents as PDFs:
    • Curriculum vitae with a list of publications
    • Detailed research proposal (maximum of five pages, references counted separately) explaining specific reasons for applying to the Harvard residential environmental fellowship. Applicants should discuss the proposal with potential faculty hosts, but the final product should be the applicant’s work.
    • A maximum of three published works or samples of writing.
  • Three recommendation letters, one of which must be from the applicant’s dissertation adviser.
  • A letter of support from the applicant’s host, expressing their commitment to providing mentorship and necessary resources such as office or lab space for the proposed research.
  • To begin the application click on the apply button.

For more details visit the official website.

Application Deadline

January 10, 2024.

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