Harvard University – Admission Requirements to Study in Harvard

Are you aspiring to get admitted into Harvard University? Or have you heard about the prestigious Harvard University? In this article, you are going to learn all you need to know about this great university. All you need to do is to continue reading this article.

Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest higher education institution in the United States that was established in 1636. This university is widely regarded in terms of its influence, reputation, and academic pedigree as a leading university, not just only in the U.S. but also in the world.

This prestigious university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, three miles north-west of Boston. It is home to the largest academic library system in the world.

Admission Requirements to Study in Harvard

Is Harvard University your dream school? Do you wish to study in Harvard? Well before applying to Harvard, it is very necessary you know about its admission requirements. Here, I will be telling you about the requirements, you need to study in Harvard. The necessary requirements include;

Your essay which is your introduction to the admission committee.

You also need your school grades which is your CGPA. You will have to submit your academic records of the previous years. And also, it is necessary that you have an A score in them. You should at least aim for a 7+ CGPA out of 10.

A letter of recommendation will also be needed. It has to be written by either your counselor or your teacher. The letter has to include information such as your key roles in working with professors, your areas of strength and also opportunities explored.

It is also required that you should have an exceptional record to prove your leadership qualities and skills when applying to the university.

Also, you will need to write standardized tests. These tests will vary with the courses you applied for.

These are the necessary requirements for admission into the prestigious university. Also it is expected you know that the requirements for admission into the university vary and it depends on the program you choose.

Harvard University Programs

Every university has programs that it offers, so it will be wise for you to find out if this university offers your desired program of study. Harvard has a number of programs that it offers in undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, continuing education, and also in its summer schools. Due to this, it has a sum of 12 degree-granting schools in all. Some are in management, design, arts and science, medicine, and law streams.

What Harvard Looks for in Students

One might be wondering how Harvard selects their students. Well, Harvard does not have anything like a typical Harvard student. But rather doing their admission, they are careful and they pay attention to every applicant. They want to admit students who will be educators of one another. They aim to admit students who will inspire those around them. During its admission process, Harvard looks our for;

  • Growth and potential
  • Interests and activities
  • Personal character
  • Contribution to Harvard

These are what Harvard looks for in students. More research can be done in Google.

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