7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in November 2022

This page contains a list of 7 happy new month prayer for your mother in November 2022. A happy new month to you all. This new month is another season to say words of prayer to all those who are close to you most of all your “mother”.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in November 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in November 2022

Words are powerful and go a long way and when your mother sees how you have expressed your love for her in prayers, she will always love you.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in November 2022

As we welcome the new month, reflecting on the actions of the previous month, and looking forward to a memorable one ahead is very important. However, it is another opportunity to apricate your mom for all she has done so for you. On this note, we will be giving you suggestions of prayers you can say to your mom:

Peace of Mind

It is the desire of every mother to have a settled mind and this can only come to pass when everything going on well with you and the family. So, I say these words of prayer to you sweet mother, you shall live your days in peace and your years in happiness. You will not be in sorrow and pain. You shall live in happiness and love.


Dear mom, you will not die but live in good health, happiness and plenty. In this new month, I pray you will see the end of the month and the year and other years to come. Amen!

A Prayer of Faith

Mummy, it’s a new month and over the past month, you have stayed strong. You are indeed a strong woman. So, I say this word of prayer to you mom that God will not let you lose your faith in who you are and what you can do even in this new month of November. Happy New Month Mom. I love you!

Prayer of Protection

Happy new month mom, I pray the angels of the lord guide and protect you from all that will come after you to harm you. No weapon fashioned against you win this new month and beyond will prosper. No harm will come to hear you. You will not cry tears of pain; if you must cry at all, it will be tears of joy.

Prayer of Restoration

Sweet mummy, I pray that in this new month, you will recover all that is rightly yours. For every year of your life that may seem like a waste or failure, you shall recover in double fold. Your time on earth will not be in vain and you will have no worries of any kind.

Good Health

Dear mom, am sure you know the part of the bible that says “you shall live in good health”. Sweet mom, you will see no health issues in Jesus’ name. My prayer for you mom is that in this new month of November you will see no sickness, no sorry and no health issues. In sound health, you shall spend the rest of your years.

A prayer of Provision

I pray that you never lack as long as you live. You will not be found wanting anything at all. Just like the lord provides for the births of the sky, God’s provision will never run out as long as you love. Happy New Month Mom.

Happy New Month Wishes and Messages for Momma

Here are messages and wishes to send to your mother in the new month:

  • My sweet mom, the worlds best, my wish for you this month is for God to keep your health to harvest all you have laboured and all you have invested in us. All the bad things of life shall be far from you. Happy New Month Mom.
  • It’s time to begin to enjoy all the toil and ups and downs of the previous month and step into your month of blessing and happiness. Blessed month mom.
  • This new month will be a month to remember for good and God will fill you with his love and happiness. Happy Beautiful Month My love.
  • Everything you have been deprived of in the past mom will be restored for you this new month in Jesus’ name. Happy New Month Mom.
  • God Visit you in a Very Special way all through this new month and always. Happy New Month Mother.
  • I pray dear mom that God will meet all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. This month you will have reason to be grateful. Happy New Month.
  • Sweet Mummy, in this New Month, Unimaginable joy, good health, prosperity, gladness and peace of mind are your portion in Jesus. Happy New Month Ma!


Your mom is one person you should always make happy. Your prayers for he can go a long way in not just her life but yours also. So as the new month approaches ensure you show her you care.



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