7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in November 2022

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in November 2022 – Do you still remember when your grandmother gives you sweet and always gift you will lot of gifts? Well, I think it will not be wrong making your grandmom feel happy by sending her a new month’s prayer.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in November 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in November 2022

And if you have no idea of what to pray about you should not bother as we will be giving you tips on that.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in November 2022

Happy new month message and prayers for November: The month is almost coming to an end and it is a season of reflection on the actions of the previous month. However, it is important as the month ends and we enter a new month, you offer prayers to your loved ones and friends. Below are words of prayers you can say for your grandmom:

  • Grandmom, it’s a new month and I want to say a big happy new month sweetheart. I pray for you this month that all the good things this new month bring come to you. Happy blessed month and I love you.
  • Having you as a grandma is having the world in my hands. I will not trade your love for anything and pray that God’s blessing stays with you.
  • This new month of November will not be your last month on earth, for you will live longer than you can imagine. A happy new month to you my sweet grandmother.
  • Grandma, thank you for being there for me at all times I need you. I pray in this new month and beyond that the lord will strengthen you in all areas of your life. Happy new month.
  • Sweet mother, I pray for good and sound health for you. Also, in this new month of November sickness will be far from you and every member of our household.
  • Thanks, ma, for all you have done for me and always note that you will forever be loved by your grandchild. You will live and not die. God’s protection is yours. Aman.
  • As we step into this great month of November, my prayer is for God to keep you alive to enjoy all these fruits of your labour, happy new month grandmother.

To get more prayer ideas you can click on this link jesuitresources.org.

Happy New Month Wishes and Messages For your Grandmother

Here are some new month wishes and messages for your grandmother:

  • Best of good fortune and pleasant hopes are wishes for your today and beyond. Happy Month to you ma.
  • I wish you the very best today and throughout this month. Happy New Mont to you, sweet grandma.
  • Just like you are beautiful, may beautiful things never cease in your life. Happy New Month Mum.
  • God Visit you in a very special way all through this new month and always. Blessed new month to you ma.
  • Continually stay strong, stay positive and stay focused today and beyond. Put on a dancing shoe because your celebration is about to be announced next.
  • Dear sweet grandmother, my best wish this month is for God to keep you healthy and harvest all you have invested in me. Thanks, ma. Staying with you was a blessing happy new month.
  • Unimaginable joy, good health, prosperity, gladness and peace of mind are your portion grandma. A beautiful new month to you momma.
  • I pray that God will meet all your needs today and always, and you will have reason to be grateful. Happy New Month, Mum.
  • It’s time you begin to enjoy all the toils and ups and downs of the previous month. Step into your month good news never be far from you.


Make your grandma feel loved and appreciated. However, outside sending words of prayers, you can send gifts which is a sign of having a peaceful month ahead. Hence, sending your grandma a happy new month gift it’s just the perfect thing to do.



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