GSK Africa Open Lab For Early-Stage Scientists 2024 (Up to £100,000) – APPLY NOW

Early-stage career scientists in Africa are invited by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Nigeria Plc, to apply for its GSK Africa Open Lab For Early-stage Scientists 2024.

GSK Africa Open Lab For Early-stage Scientists 2024
GSK Africa Open Lab For Early-stage Scientists 2024

African scientists interested in studying infectious diseases at the beginning of their careers are encouraged to apply to the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Africa Open Lab.

GSK Africa Open Lab – Program Overview

The Africa Open Lab appeal is for proposals that address important knowledge gaps and ways to increase access to medications and vaccinations for infectious diseases in Africa. The proposals should be pertinent to an understanding of the epidemiology, aetiology, prevention, and control of infectious diseases.

Proposals also need to outline the precise health needs that their study will target and how they will collaborate. With various stakeholders to influence changes in health policy and practice.

The research project may include laboratory-based analysis of field or clinical samples. As well as population-based or clinical investigations. However, studies that are exclusively focused on in vitro research or animal model studies will not be accepted.

Benefits of GSK Africa Open Lab 2024

  • Each award may include up to £100,000 to fund a project for a maximum of 36 months.
  • The grant will provide money to cover the costs of supplies, consumables, fieldwork and data collecting, equipment, and research assistance for a suitable research project.
  • Opportunities for training activities, such as short courses and training visits to pertinent research institutions, will be available to pursue in conjunction with GSK. These activities will be pertinent to accomplishing the project’s goals or developing a research career.
  • GSK will offer scientific support for the duration of the award term in addition to financial support. The application procedure will establish the degree of interaction, which will then be customized to meet the specific requirements of the project.
  • To mentor successful applicants, GSK will look into establishing connections with experts from academic and research groups in Africa and throughout the world.

Eligibility Requirements for GSK Africa Open Lab 2024

Candidates are required to complete each of the requirements listed below.

  • A basic biomedical scientist,
  • Clinically qualified investigator, or
  • Public health researcher who has not previously successfully competed as principal investigator for a major research grant (>£100,000) and;
  • The researcher should not be over five years from their highest postgraduate qualification
  • Candidates must be the principal investigator;
  • Must be African scientists in the early stages of their research and academic careers.
  • The minimum formal qualification is a graduate degree
  • Must exhibit the qualifications needed to do the proposed job, as well as a history of success and continued dedication to health-related research. It is necessary to provide proof of research output, such as contributions to clinical guidelines or policy papers, presentations at scientific conferences, publications in peer-reviewed journals, and conference publications.
  • Proposals from historically underrepresented institutions and population groups are highly welcomed.

Selection Process:

  • A scientific panel of experts in African infectious diseases from the Scientific Advisory Board and scholars from different universities will evaluate the completed proposals.
  • A complete application will be requested from those judged to be competitive.
  • Please be aware that at the preliminary application stage, we will not offer written comments for applicants that are not accepted.

Reviewers usually evaluate:

  • The applicant’s eligibility
  • The proposed project’s scientific merit
  • The research’s importance and possible effects
  • Possibility of expanding the study
  • the project’s possible effects on your professional growth.

How to Apply

Application Deadline

January 29, 2024.



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