Google is Simplifying the Process of Purchasing from Small Businesses.

Google Shopping is getting updates that will offer users more information about retailers with a glance and enable merchants to enhance their product listings effortlessly using generative AI. However, Google is Simplifying the Process of Purchasing from Small Businesses.

Google is Simplifying the Process of Purchasing from Small Businesses.
Google is Simplifying the Process of Purchasing from Small Businesses.

Google is rolling out new Shopping features that empower merchants to swiftly update product images through generative AI and simplify the presentation of vital shop details to attract new customers.

As of today, US-based Google merchants have the option to tag themselves as “small businesses,” aiding shoppers in recognizing local, independent stores. Stores with this attribute will be distinctly marked as small businesses on Google Maps. And products from these merchants will carry a “small business” tag in Google Search.

These updates pertain exclusively to US-based retailers using Merchant Center. Or Business Profile, which includes the Google & YouTube shopping app on Shopify. Google, in its press release, stated that the small business attribute will be automatically assigned to certain listings based on factors such as web traffic, store locations, and the number of products offered. Retailers can remove these attributes through the settings in the Merchant Center or Business Profile.

Matt Madrigal, VP/GM of Merchant Shopping at Google, informed The Verge that the “largest businesses” won’t have the option to display the small business attribute. And the company relies on businesses to self-identify. Madrigal also mentioned that “only the merchant. Or an authorized account manager can activate the setting” without specifying if there are safeguards to prevent the misuse of the “small business”. Label by drop shippers or others not aligned with the term’s intent.

Enhanced Knowledge Panel and Product Studio: Elevating Shopping Experiences

The Search knowledge panel, which presents information about a retailer’s headquarters and workforce, is getting expanded to provide more shopping-related details. This will encompass reviews, shipping and return policies. Customer service info, and highlighted deals (which may seem like another spot for product ads). In addition to the existing business information that merchants share on their Merchant Center accounts.

These updates will be available this month for merchants on both desktop and mobile devices in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, and Brazil. As per Madrigal, Google will presently only show deals within the knowledge panel for desktop users in the US.

Google is introducing Product Studio, an AI-powered tool they teased in May. It enables Shopping merchants to make visual enhancements to product images, like swiftly removing backgrounds and improving low-resolution pictures. Users can also create new backgrounds using text-to-image prompts to customize product images without needing a studio setup. Making it easier to enhance their listings for events like seasonal campaigns. Product Studio is beginning its rollout today to all Merchant Center Next users. In the US and will also be accessible through the Google & YouTube app on Shopify. To get more info about Google is Simplifying the Process of Purchasing from Small Businesses, keep visiting this page thank you.



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