Apple WatchOS 10 is Set to Undergo a Major Interface Revamp

Apple WatchOS 10 is set to undergo a major interface revamp and widgets are reported to be added to the lineup of many changes. And you know what it means when you got widgets, right? Well, it means that you really do not need apps.

Apple WatchOS 10 Interface Revamp

Apple WatchOS 10 Interface Revamp

Apple is expected to be showing off watchOS 10 to the world at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) set to take place on June 5, and we have got some leaked information just ahead of time in regards to what to expect from the update.

And as per the usually reliable Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, there is going to be a “new focus on widgets” coming to the watchOS 10, in what is now described as “one of the biggest software updates since the original version.” With that being said, it now looks like there is a major revamp on the way.

Glances on the Original Apple Watch

You may want to remember that there were once widgets known as Glances on the original Apple Watch from way back in 2015, but they were reportedly phased out over time. And now it would seem that they are back, and they should be in place by the time the Apple Watch 9 hits the shelves in the latter parts of this year.

How the New Widget Will Feature and Look

And according to Gurman, the newly reported widgets will be combined with elements of the previous Glances feature with elements of the widgets that were reported to the iPhone with the introduction of iOS 14. The main idea here is that users can see information quickly without getting to launch any actual apps on the device.

What the New Widgets Feature Could Cover

That information in question could cover weather forecasts, activity tracking, stock tickers, calendar appointments, and many more. The style of these widgets is apparently going to be very much similar to the Siri watch face that is available at the moment in watchOS 9.

The New Widget-Heavy Interface Will Be Optional

The Digital Crown that is however on the Apple Watch may well be used in launching widgets rather than the home screen in time to come, Gurman states. The leaker also thinks that the new widget-heavy interface will be optional. Well, we will get to find out for sure at WWDC 2023 set to take place in the coming month.



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