How to Clean a Laptop: Steps To Properly Clean Your Laptop

Do you know How to Clean a Laptop? Take a glance at your laptop. Is it covered in dust? Small scraps of hair? Cleaning your laptop can help make your Laptop last longer.

Computer keyboards are breeding grounds for germs. In fact, the middle for Disease Control recommends routinely cleaning your keypad and mouse, together with other frequently touched surfaces.

How to Clean a Laptop

How to Clean a Laptop

While you’re cleaning the keyboard and mouse, take the chance to wipe dirt off your laptop screen as well. Cleaning your screen will make it much easier and pleasanter to make your work done.

Laptop Cleaning Tools

Microfiber Cloth

Any microfiber cloth will do. But if you don’t have any freebies that came with eyeglasses, TVs, monitors, or laptops, we like these MagicFiber ones for many people. This is often the only thing you’ll need.

Compressed Air (Optional)

If it is easy to open your laptop and take away the bottom panel, then compressed air is helpful for blowing dust out from the fans.

Screwdriver (Optional)

If you are able to open your laptop, you’ll generally need tools to make it happen so. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to remove the bottom of the laptop with a Phillips head screwdriver.

If your laptop has Torx (the screw that appears like a star) or other specialty screws, you might also need a precision toolkit.

Cotton Swabs and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (Optional)

You can use any type of cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning Duration

Cleaning the surface of your laptop takes but five minutes. If you would like to open up the laptop to access the inside, it’ll take about 15 minutes.

Steps To Clean Your Laptop

Power down the laptop, unplug it and take away the battery if you can. Then wipe down the whole part of the laptop with a dry microfiber cloth. This will remove much of dust and light scuffs.

If there is a difficult removable particle beneath any keys or design embellishments, then give the keyboard deck a series of short blasts of canned air.

Carefully carry on this step as it can blow debris deeper into the laptop. Even so, it is the best solution we’ve found, and even Apple recommends it.

If you spilled something on your laptop, or the keys and trackpad look reflective with finger grease, it’s time to make a deeper clean.

Lightly dampen the microfiber cloth with a little amount of water. And give the laptop case another wipe-down. Don’t forget the trackpad, but use caution not to press down too hard when cleaning it. Ensure never to spray or pour water directly onto the laptop.

If it is difficult to remove the stain, get a cotton swab and dip the swab into isopropyl alcohol. Then use the swab to concentrate on any trouble spots. This is often acceptable only for certain materials, typically harder, non-porous plastics.

So do a checkout first to ensure sure the alcohol doesn’t cause any issues. It is not advisable to not use isopropyl alcohol on softer plastics. Just like the material often found on some palm rests, and it might cause issues with some key materials. So always try water first to check if it’ll suffice.

How to Wipe Off Stickers Remains

Start with a little amount of water on a microfiber cloth to check if that’s enough to get rid of the residue. If it doesn’t work, experiment with a little amount of isopropyl alcohol.

If the alcohol doesn’t work, a product like Goo Gone might prove useful as a final resort. Goo Gone has a similar caution for nonporous plastics and may stain some surfaces.

How to Wipe Of Screen Smudges

To clean the screen, we’ll return to our old method, the microfiber cloth. For glass screens that have fingerprints, take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the screen down with a bit of pressure. If the screen isn’t glass, use a soft touch to carefully wipe off any dust.

If the screen has more-stubborn residue, like sneeze drops or soda spots, dampen your cleaning cloth with water and wipe the screen again. Don’t ever spray water directly onto the screen.

How to Wipe Dust off Your Laptop Inside

Depending on the kind of laptop you own, you might be able to remove back panel and remove the dust in the fans.

This isn’t a problem with every laptop. But if you’ve noticed the fans on your computer kicking on than usual.

Power off your computer, then remove the back panel. This needs a screwdriver, often one with a special bit for electronics.

Never forget where each screw is removed from some laptops use different-length screws for various parts of the chassis.

Once you have access to the back of the laptop, use short bursts of canned air to blow dust out of the laptop. Do the same to the vents and fans, but hold the blade in position to make it from spinning too fast.

Once the dust is cleared out, you can then replace the panel and screws.

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