Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Renders Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 renders leaked and they tease a thinner hinge of the foldable. The unofficial renders of the device show a device that resembles closely to the Z Fold 4, but however with one key difference.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Renders

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Renders

While we continue to patiently wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 to get its grand unveiling, some unofficial renders of the foldable have yet again appeared online. These are third-party renders just in case you don’t know that are based on the information from a host of sources that has leaked out so far.

The leaked images are courtesy of the famous leak-monger OnLeaks and Smartprix, and they reportedly show a device that is very much like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that was launched in the previous year. And it quite seems like there won’t be any massive design changes this time around, assuming the renders are genuine.

The Design Leaks Are Expected

That is however partly to be expected as most of the best foldable phones look quite similar, due to the fact that there are only so many ways that you can change the form factor. But even at that, it doesn’t mean that it looks identical to its predecessor. For example, on the rear camera module, the flash has moved to the side of the camera lenses, rather than just sitting underneath them.

The Leaked Dimensions of the Device

What will be different with this one apparently are the dimensions. The Z Fold 5 is rumored to measure 154.9 mm x 129.9 mm x 6.3 mm when it is unfolded, in contrast with 155.1 mm x 130.1 mm x 6.3 mm for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 on the other hand.

The new phone meanwhile, when folded, is said to be a couple of millimeters thinner than its predecessor, all thanks to the introduction of a waterdrop hinge on the Z Fold 5 that will allow both sides of the screen to lie fully flat against one another.

The Biggest Upgrade with the Device

It would however seem that the biggest upgrade with this device is going to be on the inside, with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 rumored to be reportedly powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.



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