Google Cloud Is Making AI A Bigger Part of Its Vertex Health Platform

Google Cloud is making AI a bigger part of its Vertex health platform as well as its tools. One question that is however in the mouths of everyone is if this Vertex upgrade could get to solve the imminent healthcare challenges.

Google Cloud Making AI Part of Vertex Health

Google Cloud Making AI Part of Vertex Health

Google Cloud has just lofted the wraps off a new generative AI search feature that will enable users of Vertex to search for data from various clinical sources such as FHIR data and clinical notes.

The company has stated that this will make it very much easy for medical professionals to “connect to dots” and then make time-consuming tasks even more efficient as the world continues to battle with rising costs as well as diminishing resources and particularly skilled workers.

Customers Are Being Invited To Sign Up For Early Access

Customers at the moment are being invited to sign up for early access to test the new functionality in question, but the company however did not share any further information in regards to the general availability.

The tech giant in a press release quotes a separate study that reportedly highlights rising administrative costs, which were reportedly up 30% year-on-year in the year 2022. It also noted on the other hand that the US alone is very much expected to face a shortage of over 3.2 million frontline healthcare workers within the next five years.

Google Cloud’s Statement Regarding the New Development

VP and GM for Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, Burak Gokturk, stated: “Bringing Google-quality, gen AI search capabilities across an organization’s entire ecosystem, including EHRs, has the potential to dramatically improve efficiencies, provide clinical decision support, and increase the quality of care clinicians can give patients.”

The update in question as you should know helps to build on the current ability of Vertex AI Search to set up conversational search applications simply by adding an additional element of healthcare as well as life sciences tuning.

What the New AI Feature Needs To Work

Additionally, the functionality as well as the tools that it requires to work support HIPAA compliance, and users on the other hand remain in control of their data, which is a very much important consideration for healthcare providers as well as other industries of a similarly sensitive nature.

The firm also noted that customers of Vertex AI Search will now be able to make use of the features alongside Med-PaLM 2, which is its medically-tuned large language model.



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