The Global Landscapes Forum: GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023 – APPLY NOW

The Global Landscapes Forum is pleased to announce the official launch of the GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023.  No matter where you are in the world, there are individuals working diligently to restore and protect our planet. The GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023 provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase your efforts through your photography.

The Global Landscapes Forum: GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023
The Global Landscapes Forum: GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023

So, be you an amateur or a professional photographer, this photo contest organized by the Global Landscape Forum (GLF) invites you to capture the positive steps being taken towards a healthier Earth. From land restoration to generative farming and biodiversity conservation, your photos can make a difference in raising awareness about environmental sustainability.

Details About GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023

Through this photo competition, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), wants  to show the entire world captured images of positive steps that have been taken towards a healthier Earth, Participants can cover the following areas: land restoration, urban and rural generative farming, biodiversity conservation, or anything else

Applications for entries are accepted until 26 July. The list of candidates who emerge as finalists will be announced by the end of July, while winners will be announced in late August. Also, the best photos of the contest will be showcased at the GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference and featured on the GLF’s Flickr account.

About Global Landscape Forum (GLF)

The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) is a platform that is dedicated to sustainable land use. The GLF mission is aligned with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement. Over the years, GLF has connected thousands of organizations and participants from around the globe through their gatherings in various cities.

Notably, GLF’s initiatives like AFR100 and Initiative 20×20 have been instrumental in promoting green practices in Africa and Latin America, respectively. Additionally, their Global Peatlands Initiative works to protect the world’s peatlands and coastal communities.

Summary – GLF Nairobi Photo Competition

  • Type: Photo Contest
  • Host Organization: Global Landscape Forum (GLF)
  • Eligible Participants: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: July 26, 2023

Benefits of GLF Nairobi Photo Competition

Participating in the GLF Nairobi Photo Competition offers exciting rewards and opportunities for photographers passionate about environmental conservation. The benefits include:

  • Cash Prizes: The top three winners will be awarded cash prizes: USD $400 for the 1st place, USD $300 for the 2nd place, and USD $200 for the popular vote winner.
  • The winning entries will be featured in Landscape News, providing exposure to a broader audience.
  • The selected entries will be showcased at the GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference, offering a unique platform to share your work.

Eligibility Criteria for the GLF Nairobi Photo Competition

  • The competition is open to anyone who meets the Required minimum age of 18 years
  • Whether you are an enthusiastic hobbyist or a seasoned professional, you are encouraged to participate.
  • Applicants must agree to abide by the rules, terms, and conditions set forth by the competition organizers. Please note that photos that have previously won other photographic contests will not be considered for this competition.

Selection Process for GLF Nairobi Photo Competition

GLF will have a panel of judges selected and vested with the responsibility of reviewing all entries received during the duration of the competition. They will shortlist up to 25 photos based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity (30%)
  • Photographic quality (30%)
  • Composition (30%)
  • Execution of theme (10%)

The finalists will have their entries published on GLF’s online platforms. From the shortlisted entries, the panel of judges will select the first and second-prize winners.

Simultaneously, members of the public will be invited to vote online for their favorite entry, which will receive the ‘popular vote’ award. Importantly, the GLF team will ensure that the first prize, second prize, and popular vote winners are from different participants.

Application Process for the GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023

Participating in the competition is easy. Here’s how you can apply:

  • Visit the Global Landscape Forum (GLF) website to access the application form.
  • Provide the necessary details and upload your captivating photo that highlights positive environmental actions via this link:
  • Make sure to include the photo’s title, your name, contact information (including email address and social media handles, if applicable), and a caption specifying the subject and location of the photo.
  • Visit the GLF website below for more details:

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit your entries for the GLF Nairobi Photo Competition 2023 is July 26, 2023.

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your photography skills while contributing to the cause of environmental sustainability.


Can I submit a photo that has won other competitions before?

No, photos that have previously won other photographic contests will not be considered for this competition.

How will the photos be judged during the selection process?

A panel of judges will evaluate the entries based on creativity, photographic quality, composition, and execution of the theme.



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