Galaxy Quest Could Reportedly Be Getting A TV Series

Galaxy Quest, one of the best Star Trek movies could reportedly be getting a TV series. Deadline has just recently reported that Paramount Plus is now looking to create a TV series that is based on the exceptional spoof of the Star Trek franchise.

Galaxy Quest TV Series

Galaxy Quest TV Series

Galaxy Quest is one of the best Star Trek movies if not the best. Well, I’m not trying to start fights here. This isn’t a Picard versus Kirk type of situation. This is simply me stating the facts. There has a ton load of Star Trek movies, and none of them have managed to blend the whimsy and curiosity of the whole franchise both with the action and grand scale of film as well as Galaxy Quest in general.

But Galaxy Quest which is the 1999 film starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman, also technically is not Star Trek. It is rather a film about the cast of a Star Trek-like series who searched for and found themselves stopping actual evil aliens from committing genocide.

Paramount Plus Is Looking To Adapting the Film into a TV Series

But Paramount Plus at the moment, which is the home of all things Star Trek, is looking forward to adapting the film into a TV series, so I can now relate and understand if you are quite confused about its relationship to the franchise that inspired it. Deadline is however reporting that the series is in the early stages of development, so you shouldn’t get too excited about anyone swearing by Grabthar’s Hammer just at the moment.

Other Studios to Look Into Adapting the Film for TV

A host of places have looked at adapting the movie for TV, and this is including Amazon Prime. The original and initial plan was to have the actors return to their characters, but after the death of Alan Rickman back in 2016, that seemed to have cooled talks dramatically.

The Plans for the New Proposed Series

It is however unclear at this moment if this new series would follow the original characters, recast characters, or get to create a whole new set of characters to follow. Really, all we know for now about the proposed series is that Paramount Plus apparently loves a space show about a bunch of dorks exploring the galaxy as well as getting into fun sci-fi hijinks.



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