Anker USB-C Wall Chargers Are Now Down To $8 Apiece

Anker USB-C Wall Chargers are now down to $8 apiece. In one of the deals of today, you can now fast charge your entire essential tech with these very affordable wall bricks. What then are you waiting for? Hurry now and place your orders in.

Anker USB-C Wall Chargers

Anker USB-C Wall Chargers

It is really not cool when you get to pick up your tablet, phone, or even your headphones only to find out that the battery has run out. It is even less fun to just sit around and wait for your device to power back up on a really slow charger. And with so many USB-C fast chargers available these days, there is really no justification to putting up with slow speeds anymore.

If you wish to upgrade your charging experience or just get a couple of spare wall bricks, you could well do worse than Anker’s discounted PowerPort III USB-C PD chargers right now. Priced at just $16, this two-pack gets you a pair of 20-watt fast chargers that are well and super compact as well as easy to toss in your travel bag or even jacket pocket.

Why You Should Jump On This Deal

If you own a modern phone, the chances are it can take advantage of PD speeds for charging and the 20-watt output of these chargers as you should know is also excellent for juicing up bigger devices such as tablets or portable game consoles in such less time. The cube-style design of these bricks complete with a folding plug keeps the overall footprint very small thus meaning that you can pack a fast charger on your travels without having to carry a bulky brick around the place.

Other Benefits to This Deal

Of course, Anker makes a wide variety of charging gear and this is including fancy Gallium Nitride and multi-port adapters that are well-known for devices that draw more power, but it’s quite hard to argue with the value of the basic USB-C chargers that are on sale today for just $8 apiece. You will not regret upgrading from the 5-watt brick that you have laying around from one of your old phones, you just have to be sure that you have the right USB-C or USB-C to Lightning cables to utilize with your new chargers.



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