Full-Screen Widgets Are Coming Via a Future Update on Windows 11

Full-screen widgets are coming via a future update on windows 11. That being said, it means that you can now do a host of new things including checking out your Xbox Gamerscore in style.

Full-Screen Widgets Are Coming Via a Future Update on Windows 11

Full-Screen Widgets Are Coming Via a Future Update on Windows 11

A good and even better view for your widgets in windows 11 is now finally happening all thanks to the latest insider build that is now available for download.

If you are one of the members of the windows insider program on the Dev channel which of course allows you to easily install windows 11 updates made up of features that are currently in testing at any given time, then you can now try out a new view of widgets where they will be able to cover your desktop in build 25201.

Widgets Are Currently Making the Headlines on Many Other Platforms

Presently, widgets are now in fashion with both apple and Google also implementing them in new and many ways in helping users manage key and vital pieces of information at just a glance. Currently, the iPhone 14 line shows them as a headline feature on the lock screen, but there are however many potentials that are currently untapped when it comes to desktop PCs, which is something that apple has yet to do with macOS Ventura.

This is one major reason why we are now seeing widgets getting improved on windows 11, not just to get there first but to do so in a way that makes a lot of sense for the operating system on laptops and desktops.

Widgets on Windows Have Always Been Around

Ever since Windows Vista when they were called ‘Gadgets’, widgets on Windows have always been around. At the time they were slow, and pushed to the right-hand side of desktops, at constantly they would even crash and were up to really no good. They were abandoned at the time eventually by Microsoft after the arrival of Windows 8.

And fast forward to Windows 11 and the reported upcoming major update, widgets are now making a comeback. It’s quite easy to tell now that Microsoft is working on improving how widgets work and how they look on the platform. With macOS Ventura now scheduled to launch in October and with no improvement yet to widgets on the Mac, it’s a good opportunity for the company to set the standard for how widgets can work on a PC.

The Benefits of Having Windows Widgets

This expanded view will greatly help further prove this, especially how the improvements to the Game Pass widget will show you the latest games that are available to play.

We however may see this very feature delayed for a future update just like the ‘Moment ‘release. It is quite exciting and encouraging to already see the progress for widgets and also that Microsoft is not prepared to leave them by the way again.


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