Fortnite’s No-Build Battle Royale Titled Zero Build Mode

Fortnite’s No-Build Battle Royale is Titled Zero Build Mode, and it seems interesting for players that have problems building. Finally, Epic Games has quelled the rumors that surround “Fortnite,” the multi-billion dollar free-to-play battle royale game that has captured the hearts and the minds of gamers both old and young alike.

Fortnite's No-Build Battle Royale Titled Zero Build Mode

Rumors and data leaks have become quite a point of contention since the past week’s “Fortnite” chapter 3, Season 2 update when Epic Games took out the controversial-albeit foundational building feature.

Fortnite’s No-Build Battle Royale Remain In the New Zero Build Mode

This allowed players previously to build their way right out of a firefight when things get serious. Anyone can choose to plop down a wall as fast as a quick fortification, or even place a set of stairs to climb their way straight to safety.

That feature has been taken out in the standard public matchmaking mode, and players have argued over whether or not it would be turned back on, or if it should be restored to the game. Yesterday, a reputable unofficial news source stated that Fortnite is set to reintroduce build mode in the “Fortnite” public matchmaking service today, but that has not turned out to be the case. Instead, Epic Games has given it a name called the “Zero Build” mode.

Fortnite Zero Build Mode

If you are yet to follow Fortnite’s any of the game’s recent news, well Epic games have entirely reinvented the way that “Fortnite is Played, and they did this all in the span of one update. Only about two weeks ago, players in public matchmaking sessions could harvest materials and turn the, right into buildings on the map. With the introduction of “Zero Build” Mode, there is no longer any point in standing in one spot and harvesting materials at all. This led to the second-largest change in “Fortnite,” Aside from the loss of the build mode: a new rechargeable “Overshield” protective layer vastly increased the movement of the players.

Previously, Players were not able to sprint or power slides their way right through the map, but now, they can and Epic has expanded the size of the map to accommodate them. The map itself needed to become more details in other to compensate for the expansion when it comes to size, and now there are all kinds of new things to see.

Fortnite Map Locations

The map features Zeppelins, siege, cannons, zip lines, tanks, and plenty more new locations to check out – such as the synapse station that is located on the southwest corner of the map. All of this is quite accessible via the “Zero Build” mode, which took the spot of “Fortnite” public matchmaking mode. At the moment, this is the new way to play ‘Fortnite,” but builders get to still find their favorite custom match types in the Fortnite game mode menu.


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