Feature-Packed Mac Mini Is Currently Selling For Just $500 at Woot

Feature-packed Mac Mini is currently selling for just $500 at Woot. And with that being said, you need to hurry now if you are hoping to get one of these compact desktops at an excellent discount.

Feature-Packed Mac Mini Is Currently Selling For Just $500 at Woot

Feature-Packed Mac Mini Is Currently Selling For Just $500 at Woot

Desktop computers are now gaining popularity with people thus creating more permanent workspaces in their houses with the continuous rise of remote classes and jobs. And in the event that you have got limited space for your home office, you may want to get a more compact desktop just like the Mac Mini.

And while apple has taken the wraps off a new M2-powered Mac Mini just this very week, you may want to consider getting a 2018 mac Mini for just $500 at Woot while it’s currently on sale for that low. And not only does the very deal get to save you $500 in contrast to its original retail price, but the model on sale however has some desirable specs that might want to cost you more in the event that you were to go for the new 2022 model.

The M2-Powered Mac Mini Spec and Features

This Mac in question being a couple of years old comes packed full of powerful hardware and this is including an impressive 32GB of DDR4 memory for fast performance when you are working with huge files or demanding applications. The new model in contrast comes with 8GB of memory as standard and you would need to pay an upgrade fee of $400 in order to boost that up to 24GB or punt for a $1,700 M2 Pro configuration to max it out at 32GB.

The Model on Sale at Woot Has an Eight-Gen-Score Intel i7 Processor

This model currently on sale at Woot rather than an in-house Apple processor has an eight-gen-score Intel i7 processor that is coupled with the T2 security chip of apple. There is also a 128GB PCle SSD that boasts really good sequential read speeds of up to 3.4 GB per second.

And while the Mac Mini on the other hand is pretty compact at just 7.7 inches, it’s still very much versatile, with many ports including an HDMI port, multiple USB-C and USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, and a headphone jack. Additionally, it is powered by the same smooth and user-friendly MacOS that is found on other Apple devices and computers.


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