Apple Announces the Release Of iOS 16.3

Apple announces the release of iOS 16.3 alongside the new black history month collection. The tech firm is now rolling out a couple of new features and designs.

Apple Announces the Release Of iOS 16.3

Apple Announces the Release Of iOS 16.3

Tech company apple just announced the launch of its very own Black Unity Collection in celebration of Black History Month that is inclusive of a special edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport loop, matching iPhone wallpaper as well as a mosaic watch face. And according to the firm, the watch face and wallpaper designs will be available to users in the coming week, alongside its newest software updates which are iOS 16.3 and WatchOS 9.3.

Apple in February Will Start Offering Users a Collection of Black History Month Content

Beginning in February, Apple will offer users a collection of Black History Month content for Apple TV, Fitness Plus, Maps, Music, Books, Podcasts, and the App Store. The Smithsonian created a unique set of guides that highlights landmarks and events from the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Jelani Cobb has now created a lineup of movies for the Apple TV app.

Apple’s $49 Black Unity Sport Loop Is Available on the Website and via the Apple Store App

Apple’s $49 Black Unity Sport Loop on the other hand is available for users to order today on the website and through the apple store application, and it will also be in select Apple Stores starting January 24. The band fits directly with the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, and Apple Watch Ultra.

In order to display the Unity watch face, you must have in your possession a Watch Series 4 or later with WatchOS 9.3, an iPhone 8 or a newer model, or an iPhone SE (second gen) or later that runs on iOS 16.3.

The Unity iPhone Wallpaper Will Be Dropping in the Coming Week

And alongside with the new watch face, the unity iPhone wallpaper will be dropping in the coming week. In order for users to run it, they will need to have an iPhone 8 or a later model that runs on iOS 16.3. And although Apple did not specify a concrete or serious date for the software update releases, we can be expecting new features such as parking assistance on Apple maps, security keys, and many more ways to make use of Emergency SOS.


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