Best Software Asset Management Tools – Why is Asset Management Important?

Accessing the Best Software Asset Management Tools makes it easy to reduce licensing costs by identifying the software licenses you own. It can be referred to as SAM which stands for Software Asset Management.

Best Software Asset Management Tools

These software tools allow you to keep into play assets you still have rights to use while removing subscriptions you do not need.

Additionally, by using these tools to trace applicable expiry dates, you can better move workflows from one set of assets to a different one. This is by having clear deadlines that you can make use of. Read this guide to learn more about the Best Software Asset Management Tools.

Best Software Asset Management Tools

This is especially important when a business or other organization has an in-depth IT inventory. And this is where assets would be difficult to track.

These tools also are essential for IT teams who are under constant pressure to cut costs, and unused or unnecessary licenses are a good way to try this.

What is Software Management Tool?

Software management tools are helpful products that provide automation which aids in support that requires product. Furthermore, it maintains compliance with independent software vendor licenses and also improves the organization’s ability to optimize software risk and spending.

Software Asset Management

However, it isn’t just software assets that will be tracked, but also hardware assets. And this will be essential when it comes to data security. By ensuring you know where company laptops are. And identify any potentially missing ones in order that remedial action will be taken if necessary.

These tools also can be used to transfer assets between departments. Making overall control and management of software and hardware much simpler and more cost-effective overall.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer

Available as a fully-functioning trial for 30 days, ManageEngine’s AssetExplorer will make IT professionals who are already used to working in Windows feel right at home.

It offers excellent tools used for tracking and reporting alongside support for both physical and virtual assets. And this may be added manually. Hosted within the cloud, AssetExplorer also offers VM-based asset support and relationship mapping, covering all the quality bases for IT professionals.

ServiceNow Asset Management

ServiceNow Asset Management is a known cloud-hosted SAM that’s more suited to advanced users. In response to customer feedback, it’s been simplified in recent years and now sports a beautiful UI that’s navigated with a left-hand sidebar.

Still one of the more complex (yet fully-featured) offerings on our list. It lets admins use workflows to automate IT asset lifecycles and track financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices while recording maintenance activity. This tool also allows regular audits to be performed until hardware devices have to be retired.


There are instances where it might be handy to have a helpdesk working alongside an IT asset management solution. And this is often where SysAid comes in.

It features a user-friendly interface that lets admins remotely track, control and track assets. Admins can easily view the assets in their new work and obtain a full picture of their hardware components and software products.

For support, the organization’s end-users can press a delegated hotkey to take a screenshot automatically. And capture other relevant information about the asset to log in the event of an occurrence.

InvGate Assets

This is a flexible SAM that allows you to track your assets in a front-end view that’s accessible from a web browser. It tracks your inventory and offers a listing of features.

This has a nifty alerting system when licenses are close to expiring, and you’ll also create alarms for tasks that are a priority. If you would like to take things a step further, data can be stored within the backend with a MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database.

Solarwinds Web Help Desk

Fast to get set up, SolarWinds Web Help Desk is an inexpensive option that will be deployed on-premises or within the cloud. An excellent asset management tool that helps you track your hardware and software assets.

It’s available on several different pricing tiers based on how many assets you would like to add. Just be warned that it won’t track licenses and software usage. But it’ll display the asset and ticket history for individual assets.

What Makes a Good Asset Management System? 

A SAM is counted as good when it is able to keep track of your asset using GPS and RFID. Furthermore, it is important that when tracking your assets, you should include your company vehicle that is used daily and other company moveable furniture should be included.

Can I Use Excel For Asset Management?

No, you can’t use excel. This is because Excel isn’t asset management too and you can’t find features or options you need on it, so you will be forced to create a workaround. Well, such attempts are likely to be more complicated and less efficient than software designed for asset management.

Why is Asset Management Important?

This tool is very important because it carries out the following functions:

  • Providing information on an asset’s lifecycle.
  • It allows you to track and monitor every asset in your company in one central location.
  • Helps identify ghost assets that can be removed from the system.
  • It identifies and manages any risk to your asset that you can minimize immediately.
  • This tool allows you to track and monitor every asset in your company in one central location.
  • It further gives you accurate, in-depth reports and audits that do not hours to compile.

This and many more are what make this tool very special.



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