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We have put together the best hot-swap 65 keyboards. You might be wondering, “What the heck is a 65% keyboard?” The 65% keyboard is very similar to a 60% keyboard but with arrow keys.

Best Hot Swap 65 Keyboard

This keyboard helps with mobility, space, and aesthetics. Hot swap keyboards let you change the switches by only using a switch puller, which seems so easy.

Best Hot Swap 65 Keyboard

If you are trying out lots of different switches, you can get a hot-swappable keyboard. This keyboard does not solder its switches.

This keyboard comes in a variety of flavors with options for wireless, plastic, or aluminum cases and RGB backlighting.

What is a Hot Swappable Keyboard?

Hot swap keyboards are machines let for switches to be installed on a keyboard without needing to solder. It has a socket, which lets a user install switches quickly by essentially plugging in a switch.

Furthermore, these keyboards are a great way to try out a variety of switches without needing to learn soldering skills. Hot-swappable keyboards are on the rise, with multiple smaller manufacturers and even a large brand releasing hot-swappable keyboards.

Benefits of A Hot Swap keyboard

Below are benefits to enjoy when you purchase hot-swap keyboard:

  • Ability to change switches on the fly
  • Hot swapping lets you change switches in the future.
  • You can make customizations like having different types of switches on the modifier key.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 65% Keyboard

There are some things to consider when shopping for a 65% keyboard so that you don’t buy something you will end up disliking. Here are a few things to consider:

Non-standard layout

The disadvantage of using a 65% keyboard is that they may have non-standard keys, making swapping keycaps difficult. If you intend to buy a 65% keyboard and replace the keycaps, you should do some preliminary research.

No Function Row

If you frequently utilize the function row, it could be challenging to get used to the 65% arrangement. You must activate the layer beneath the number row to use these keys, so this may require some getting used to and may seem awkward at first.

10 Best Hot Swap 65 Keyboard

With the few words said above, I believe you have clue about what 65 keyboard means. We have picked together a reliable and well-trusted hot swap 65 keyboards so far:

RK ROYAL KLUDGE Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

This is the first generation of RGB three-mode wireless keyboards on the market and it comes in a wireless mode with stable Bluetooth 5.0. The hot swap PCB lets you replace the 3 pins/5 pins switch freely without a soldering issue. Plus, you have access to enjoy the fun of making your unique keyboard.


65% (67 Key) Gaming Keyboard- DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard

The ALT mechanical keyboard is a smaller take on drop’s CTRL model. However, it features 67 keys instead of 87. Absent of functions keys. This keyboard is constructed with a solid aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate and magnetic legs. Easy to swap, customize the ALT with ease thanks to hot-swappable switch sockets. This act lets you swap switches in seconds without soldering.


65% Hot-Swap Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Programmable

This 65% mechanical gaming keyboard is equipped with premier hot-swap PCB to ensure a free replacement of switches. It is designed with a double-side RGB LED panel which can shine from every side. Additionally, you can set your backlight by entering recording mode to maximally meet your preference.


RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK G68 65% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

RK G68 is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that can be hot-swapped at wish and replaced by all MX-similar mechanical switches freely. This wireless mechanical keyboard is attached with a newly-developed driver that you can customize the lighting modes, macro keys, and using scenarios.


EPOMAKER AKKO 3068B Black & Pink 65% Hot-Swap

The 65% layout keyboard is probably a perfect size for both gaming and office. It is compact and lightweight, the ultimate tenkeyless keyboard that retains shortcut and arrow keys. Furthermore, it is designed in three simple colors, black, dark grey, and pale pink. It is equipped with a 180mAh battery, and the keyboard supports wireless and wired connections.


CUSTOM XVX M84 75% Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard

You can alter every gateron switch on the M84 keyboard without the need to solder. Hot-swap PCB is compatible with almost all 3-pin/5-pin switches on the market, personalizing your typing experience with ease. Plus, the keyboard itself comes with 19 RGB backlight modes, 9 colors selection, 5 brightness levels, and 4 customization modes.


EPOMAKER AKKO 3068B Black & Pink 65% Hot-Swap

A 65% layout keyboard is probably a perfect size for both gaming and office. While being compact and lightweight, the ultimate tenkeyless keyboard that retains shortcut and arrow keys. Plus, this keyboard is designed in three simple colors, black, dark grey, and pale pink.


Vbestlife 68 Keys Modular Mechanical Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard kit adopts switch hot swap switch bed that allows you to DIY your favorite switch and keycaps. The USB adapter is in the back cover of the battery, take it out and insert it into the USB port of the computer, please refer to the manual for the specific operation!


DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

The Drop ALT High-Profile is just like the original ALT, but now it comes with a tall CNC aluminum case that covers the switches. However, the ALT high-profile lets you swap switches in seconds.


Akko 3068B Plus 65% Percent 68-Key RGB Hot-swappable

Akko takes a step further by offering premium gaming 5-pin hot-swappable sockets with both plate foam and case foam, allowing users to swap desirable switches afterward. Plus, Hot-swappable keyboards allow users to easily change mechanical switches in case one key malfunctions.



In all these hot swaps 65% of keyboards are unique and comfortable to use. However, you can share this article with your loved ones if you find this article useful.

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