European Countries That are Easy to Immigrate to

If you have the dream of migrating to a European country, one of the challenges you will face is getting the type of visa you need, most European countries make it hard to obtain the type of visa that will allow you to live and work permanently in the country.

European Countries That are Easy to Immigrate to

Even though this is done for good reasons, it helps checkmate the inflow of immigrants, it can be frustrating on the side of immigrants who wish to migrate to these countries for genuine reasons. In some countries, work visas are hard to get while in others, they are easier.

European Countries That are Easy to Immigrate to

In this guide, we will explore some European countries that are easy to migrate to, these countries do not have complex immigration processes. Their immigration processes are faster if you meet the eligibility requirements.


Portugal stands out as one of the easiest European countries to immigrate to. The country offers numerous visas including the Golden Visa program which allows investors and their families to obtain residency by investing in the country’s real estate.

If you wish to migrate to Portugal and have the required funds to get this visa, the country is willing to welcome you.


Just like Portugal, Spain’s Golden Visa program attracts investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The country boasts a laid-back lifestyle, stunning beaches, and a rich cultural heritage.

Spain has everything you need to start and build a career for yourself. As a new immigrant in the country, you will be welcomed by locals and they are friendly, the country’s diverse regions offer something for everyone, from bustling cities like Barcelona to serene coastal towns.


For many, Ireland’s charm lies not only in its breathtaking landscapes but that’s not all that makes Ireland an amazing destination for immigrants, the country is also known for its friendly populace. It offers various immigration options; you have work permits and study visa options.

If you wish to migrate to Ireland, you’re on the right track, they have a strong economy and a focus on education, so the study route will be a great option for you.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers a straightforward process for obtaining a long-term residence permit. If you would love to move to the Czech Republic, you can explore their visa options. Its low cost of living, efficient public transportation, and rich cultural heritage make it an attractive destination.


If you make a living in the online space, Estonia is a great option for you, a pioneer in e-governance, Estonia welcomes digital nomads and entrepreneurs through its e-residency program.

This innovative initiative allows you to start and manage businesses online while enjoying the country’s high quality of life. The country’s commitment to technology and innovation makes it a unique choice if you are tech-savvy.


Another, not very popular country on our list is Latvia, Latvia offers a temporary residence permit for investors and skilled professionals if you are an investor or skilled professional, this is an option you don’t want to miss.

Not many will choose Latvia as their first destination but the country is doing great for itself, its rich natural beauty, including pristine forests and attractive coastline, provides a peaceful environment you will love. The country’s capital, Riga, combines historical charm with a modern lifestyle, creating a perfect balance for you.


Greece is another country on our list that offers the Golden visa program. If you want to move to Greece, you can start by investing in the country’s real estate, you and your family will be granted the country’s Golden Visa, which allows you to live and work in the country.

As a resident, you can enjoy the country’s picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality. Greece’s historic sites and beautiful islands make it an appealing choice for immigrants.


This is another country with friendly immigration options, Lithuania is known for its friendly atmosphere and straightforward immigration procedures. The country offers residency permits for investors, skilled workers, and students. The juicy part? The country has an affordable living cost and a burgeoning tech industry.


This list wouldn’t be complete without Hungary, the country offers various residency options, including business immigration and family reunification. Hungary has a welcoming environment and relatively low bureaucracy making it an attractive destination if staying in Europe is your desire.


Malta’s Individual Investor Program grants citizenship to investors and their families, you can take advantage of that. This small but attractive island nation in the Mediterranean Sea offers a sunny climate, an English-speaking population, and a rich historical heritage. If you are looking to explore Europe, you can start with Malta.


Last on our list is Slovakia, Slovakia is located in Central Europe, and the country offers residency permits for investors, employees, and entrepreneurs. The country’s charming towns, medieval castles, and natural beauty, including the High Tatras mountains, make it a destination if you want to have the time of your life in Europe.

They have a growing economy and the cost of living is very low which for me, makes it an excellent choice if you are seeking a peaceful European lifestyle.

These European countries offer different immigration opportunities, and each of them has unique qualities that make it worthy of consideration if you are looking to reside anywhere in Europe and for whatever purpose. Whether you’re interested in Portugal’s sunny beaches, Hungary’s rich history, or Malta’s Mediterranean beauty, you will have the best time of your life in any of these countries.

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