EA Shares New Immortals of Aveum Trailer

EA shares the new Immortals of Aveum trailer which is its single-player shooter with lots of magic spells. The game, Immortals of Aveum will reportedly be released on July 20.

EA Immortals of Aveum Trailer

EA Immortals of Aveum Trailer

EA released a new trailer for Immortals of Aveum on Thursday. This game is a single-player “first-person magic shooter” that the company is publishing under its EA Originals label. The game in question is being developed by Ascendant Studios, which is “made up of BAFTA and Game of the Year award-winning industry veterans,” as per a press release.

The Games Description via a Press Release

And based only on the trailer, it is quite hard to tell exactly what to be expecting with Immortals of Aveum outside of a standard saving-the-world plot where the characters get to use a lot of in-world jargon. But with that being said, here is EA and Ascendant’s official description of the game directly from the press release:

“Players experience this visceral and cinematic, story-driven game through the eyes of Jak, as he joins an elite order of battlemages, masters all three colors of magic – blue, green, and red – and decimates legions of enemies with clever chained attacks, and well-timed counters. Combining a modern story within a fantasy setting, the world ofAveum is filled with unforgettable characters, fast-paced action, and spell-based combat that defies FPS conventions.”

How the Trailer Looks Like and What to Expect

The short clips of the Immortals of Aveum we got to see in the trailer do look like a lot of fun, although. And yes, the magic is basically a replacement for all the guns, but the effects are kind of flashy and colorful, and the spells look satisfying to utilize.

Release Date and Availability

Immortals of Aveum as you should know will reportedly be released on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and on PC on July 20th. The release of the game marks the second Originals launch of EA this year. The label back in February released Wild Heart, a Monster Hunter-like from Koei Tecmo.



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