Diablo Immortal Just Got One of Its Most Generous Features Yet

Diablo immortal just got one of its most generous features yet. The game now allows you to change character class regularly and it will not charge you for doing that.

Diablo Immortal Just Got One of Its Most Generous Features Yet

Diablo Immortal Just Got One of Its Most Generous Features Yet

In the latest Diablo Immortal update, a class change mechanic was rolled out. This very update will allow users to switch between classes entirely for free and quite flexibly. Now, gamers can now swap once every seven days and can also keep switching between all six Diablo Immortal classes as many times you like.

Blizzard in the update patch note says that it will not monetize the system either, and also has ‘no current plans to allow players to purchase the ability to change classes more frequently.’ For the first time when you change to a new class, you will be able to alter or change the appearance of your character and hen reset your paragon talent tree. For your new class, you will also be given a batch of placeholder gear which will also be set at an equivalent rank to the gear that you were using before you made the swap.

Class-Specific Cosmetics and Gear Will Not Carry Over

You should however note that class-specific cosmetics and gear will not carry over but they will be available in your inventory in the event that you want to make use of them in the future. All of your social groups and this is inclusive of your clans and warbands also will be preserved.

If you want to change your class, it is easy. And to do this, you will need to visit the shifting flames brazier in westmarch. For now, the feature is only available for characters at level 35 and higher. You will therefore need to spend a couple of hours playing before you can make the swap.

The Feature Is Free For All

The system is a fairly generous one. Swapping classes incurs no loss to your wallet or your in-game stats. This will therefore encourage you to try out different character types before you settle on your favorite.

You will however need to get to level 35 which is entirely not a bad thing. This very threshold will allow you to learn the various intricacies of a class before you dismiss it. Although being forced to stay with your chosen class, you might discover other aspects of its paying style you may never have and miss out on completely if you immediately switched.

It Is Quite Odd That This New Update Is Completely Free

Due to the aggressive microtransactions of the game and the hidden player caps that is a torn on the flesh of free-to-play players, it’s quite odd that this class change mechanic is completely free. However, it is not all that surprising, as there is a clear business motivation behind the move. Players that are able to swap classes freely without having to start the game from scratch are very much likely to stick with the game for a longer period of time. With greater game time playing, the more opportunities to spend money on microtransactions on the game.

That being said, we are still not complaining about the free feature. There are no other Diablo games that will let you switch classes after the creation of a character.

Other Changes That Came With the Update

The update also rolled out a host of other changes as well. You will find a new six-part endgame quest that directly scales with your paragon level, the amber blades cosmetic set in the game shop, and also 36 new legendary items that are crafted to care for the damage-over-time effects.


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