Radahn of Elden Ring May Have Attacks You Still Haven’t Seen

Radahn of Elden Ring may have attacks you still haven’t seen. Elden Ring boss Radahn is currently spinning gamers out.

Radahn of Elden Ring May Have Attacks You Still Haven’t Seen

Radahn of Elden Ring May Have Attacks You Still Haven’t Seen

One of the players of Elden Ring just recently discovered an attack that is hidden that Starscourge Radahn has quietly been sitting on for months.

Soulslike from FromSoftware came out back in February, giving masochistic gamers plenty of time for repeated playthroughs. Since its inception, the relationship between players of the game and the game’s bosses has been a rocky one. Updates to the game have nerfed cheesing methods as well also making Radahn accidentally easier to beat before quickly returning his power back to him.

If however, you think that you have figured Radahn out then you will need to have a rethink. After beating the boss already for five times running, Emma Ward a children’s book illustrator got the surprise of her life via a spin attack, an experience which she shared on Twitter.

What Players Had To Say On Twitter In Regards To This Development?

The replies she got from the tweet suggest that Radahn’s whirling dance of death is as much of a shock to the games community at large as it was for her. A user on tweeter said that they have spent more than 200 hours in the game and they are yet to see it. Another user on the platform has beaten the game six times now and did not encounter the surprise until this week.

There are some players on the other hand who claims to have run into it on their first time playing the game. One of them even added that it has happened every time they encountered him. And after much speculation about what could be the reason behind the spin attack, including NG+ and good old RNG, a user on Twitter seems to have the answer.

“It’s the spacing between you and him! This is a rarer attack for Radahn but if you’re in the right range I think he can chain that move 3 or 4 times.”

Radahn Is Not the Only Boost Surprising Players

The game is still full of surprises as Radahn is not the only boss on Elden Ring to be pulling off surprises on players with moves and attacks so rare that anyone playing the game has seen them. And in the same thread on Twitter, @DNuatun posted a clip of Radagon pulling one of those moves on them.

Someone in the replies exclaimed ‘I beat the game so many times and have fought Radagon a lot, especially on my level 1 run and I’ve never seen him do this.’ The revelations on the game keep on coming with another user, @rao_ruthwik sharing a snippet of the regal Ancestor Spirit rolling around in a gesture such as ‘regular goats.’ The snippet was in response to another user sharing that same type of info.

What to Expect For New Players

For some users, the Elden Rings grab attack is news. And just as @DNuatun goes on to comment, ‘It just makes me wonder how many attacks we have never seen…’

If you are playing the game currently and you are looking for some help with the big boys, then you should check out this Elden Ring bosses guide, as it will prepare you for some of the common attacks on the game. But with what is going on with the game at the moment, who knows what the bosses on the game have got up their sleeves.


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