Driving Apps that can Keep your Teen Safe

Here are some Driving Apps that can Keep your Teen Safe. Giving your teen your car to drive, you would need the right apps that could keep you safe on the road. Well, you would still be a little worried about him or her or how they or would be faring when on the road.

Driving Apps that can Keep your Teen Safe

The road needs total focus in order to drive safely and you have to be careful in order to have accidents on the road.

Apps that Aid Teen Safe Drive

The following are the apps that help guide you as a teen in order to have a safe drive. These apps have been tested, and so far they do just fine. they include:


Well, according to Google play store’s description of the app, “DriveSmart helps you to demonstrate how you drive to demand what you deserve”. This app helps you to analyze and certifies your driving. One of the benefits of the DriveSmart app, you earn smart coins and get discounts for your trips.

With the aid of DriveSmart, you get to obtain a certificate of recognition for your driving skills, You get to see information about your driving in order to increase and improve your rating. Enjoy cool benefits rewarded to good drivers by the organization.


This cool app uses accelerometers and gyroscopes in your smartphone that helps to determine speed. It shows how you brake or corner, and if you are a rough driver. It shows how rough you drive. TrueMotion helps you as a parent to track your teen’s driving habits and cautions them to drive safely. And ranks them by their best scores.

Mama Bear

This driving app aids your teen in driving and gives cool features like Speeding alerts: when your kid drives beyond a specific limit, text monitoring, and arrival and departure notifications. This app aids you to monitor your kids’ speed limit, when your kid starts texting and driving you would be notified and you would be notified if your kid leaves and when they arrive.

Know Your Drive

This is an app published by American Family Insurance that assists you in safe driving. The app helps you to learn how to drive safely and gives you control over how much you get to pay in order to insure your car.

Toyota Safe and Sound

This is an app that gives and provides the right exchange between parents and teenagers. Watching the video on Youtube that introduces this app, shows how the parents would likely be monitoring the movements of their teen who would be driving. In order for the parents to be able to monitor the teen properly, both parent and child get to download the app and it get it paired together.

Watching the young man feel so happy about being given a car key and finally getting the opportunity to drive his girlfriend around at the speed he wants. Immediately he increases his speed and got called by his parents to stop driving at high speed. Toyota Speed Sound helps to monitor the driving abilities and skills of their teen. The app stops incoming calls and stops every social media ping that comes up when driving.


In partnership with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and CapTech, Shepherd Center created the app in order to aid parents to teach their teens how to drive safely. The app helps parents to monitor and enforce safe driving in order to avoid an accident. The app helps parents to be good models to their kids in driving safely.


The DriveScribe turns your phone into a personal coach that aids and guides you into safe driving. The app gives you detailed and analyzed information to monitor your kid’s performance in driving. The features that you might likely find in this app, it helps block calls, emails, and texts. It provides real-time driving help and earns points for gift cards.


This is one of the great monitoring apps that gives offers great features like logging teen driving practice during the learner’s permit phase, tracking driving experiences, and you get tips for safe driving,

Teen Time

Manage your kid’s screen time and location from anywhere. There are some functions like the screen time limit that do not let kids play all day long, and the schedules that decide what is appropriate for kids’ school time or bedtime in order to help your kids not get distracted. The teen time app blocks inappropriate apps according to age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that can help you drive?

The app that can help you drive is the Waze app. The Waze app has had a big impact on the world of navigation. It is chosen by the majority for mobile navigation when driving with their vehicle and it also helps in route planning abilities.

Apps to monitor a new teen driver?

As a parent, you are trying to monitor your teen who just started driving, then the following are the suggested apps:

  • TrueMotion Family.
  • RoadReady.
  • FamiSafe.
  • Life Saver.
  • Mama Bear.
  • Life 360.
  • DriveScribe.
  • Protect your teen driver today.

What is the DriveEasy app?

DriveEasy Pro Helps to provide you and other drivers with scores and feedback based on driver performance. The app helps to enhance your driving behavior and gives you safety as a driver.

How to monitor my teen’s driving?

In order to monitor your teen’s driving you could use Magnetic GPS trackers and the following are the ways to install them:

  • No installation.
  • Ready to use straight away.
  • Extra long-life batteries are available.
  • Free tracking app.
  • Safety alerts and zones.
  • Cheap tracking costs.

Is DriveEasy Worth it?

Is the Geico DriveEasy worth it? DriveEasy is worth it for safe, careful drivers who do not mind that is monitored for insurance purposes in return for savings of up to 25%. Those drivers who drive at night, are considered as careless drivers, so they do not stand to gain from this app.

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